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AAA Announces Shooting In Singapore For “Kizuna Gassyuku” At Stormy New Song Release Event

On June 26, AAA held a release event for their new song, “Love Is In The Air”, released on the same day, in front of 4000 people at the stormy LAZONA KAWASAKI.

◆AAA LAZONA KAWASAKI “Love Is In The Air” Release Event Picture

As usual, Naoya Urata, the leader, greeted the audience and started things off with some free talk. As it was looking like the show would proceed into the next “Hi-touch party”, TV Asahi’s announcer, Yoko Mori makes a surprise appearance on stage. She butts in the members’ conversation, “I am here today in behalf of “Kizuna Gassyuku (EX-otomari)” to make an announcement to everyone here today”.

“Kizuna Gassyuku” is a new type of variety delivered through the collaboration between TV Asahi and YouTube; it is a documentary-style show that captures AAA members immersing themselves in various challenges in order to deepen their bonds with each other. Vol.2 is currently being aired and regularly updated on TV and YouTube.

Mori announced, “I am here today to inform you all that the shooting for vol.3 of “Kizuna Gassyuku” has been confirmed and that it will take place in Singapore”. The members were overjoyed since they had wanted to shoot abroad for some time now.

The event came to a successful close as they performed their new song, “Love Is In The Air” and wrapped up the 3-hour event with the “Hi-touch party”.

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