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Mitsuru Matsuoka to be Fully Nude in Solo Photo Book, ‘SOMETIME,SOMEWHERE’

Mitsuru Matsuoka, vocalist of the band SOPHIA, will be releasing a solo photo book entitled, "SOMETIME,SOMEWHERE" on August 12th. This is the same day as SOPHIA's concert at Nippon Budokan, after which the band will go on hiatus.

◆SOPHIA's Mitsuru Matsuoka's Solo Photobook, "SOMETIME, SOMEWHERE" image

Matsuoka has already released a photo book with photos he has taken of himself; however, this is the first time he has used a cameraman to release a traditional photo book. The photo book was shot one-on-one with the cameraman in Cuba. It also includes pictures of Matsuoka fully nude, making it a work that surely expresses "Mitsuru Matsuoka laid bare."

The photos were shot in January of this year during a one-week stay in Cuba, which is known as "the pearl of the Caribbean Sea." Matsuoka wanted to go to a country he'd never visited and gaze out at scenery he'd never seen. He decided to go to Cuba to take inspiration from Castro and Che Guevara, who took freedom into their own hands.

The photo shoot took place in streets that had a feeling of nostalgia, as if time had stopped, where Matsuoka passed the time quietly. Fans will doubtlessly be jealous of the cameraman, who got to see Matsuoka's relaxed expressions turned toward his lens. The private shots in the bedroom and shower are overflowing with ambiance and will captivate viewers with every turn of the page. For the photo shoot, Matsuoka rented out a house in the city of Trinidad, and the highlights of the book are the shots of him fully nude and bathed in moonlight.

The photo book includes 120 photos carefully selected from over 5,000 shots that were taken. This is where the real Mitsuru Matsuoka can be seen.

◆SOPHIA Official Website

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