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[Kawaii girl Japan/ Concert Report] BABYMETAL Performed a New Song at NHK Hall Solo Show.

Metal Dance Group, BABYMETAL, had a solo show called -LEGEND”1999” YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL Seitansai- on June 30. More than 3600 fans went crazy with excitement to celebrate the birthday of YUMETAL and MOAMETAL.


-LEGEND”1999” YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL Seitansai- is organized to celebrate the dancer & screamer YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL's Birthday and the fans had different kinds of fun from their regular shows.

When the intro of “BABYMETAL DEATH” started playing, the fans screamed frantically. This is how the concert started. “Iine!” , “Kimi to Anime ga Mitai-Answer for Animation with you” and “U Ki U Ki ★Midnight” followed without a break. Then YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL sang songs from 1999, in which year they were born. YUIMETAL sang “Chokotto LOVE-BIG TIME CHANGES ver-” and MOAMETAL sang “LOVE Machine -FROM HELL WITH LOVE -ver”. This special cover for the birthday performance brought the audience's energy to the climax.

After that, “Metal God's Band” fell from the sky and played their first ballad. SU-Metal wowed the audience with the clear tone of her voice. When a crystal piano came up onto the stage, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL played the piano together to charm the audience with new aspect of their talent. “Do Ki Do Ki ☆ Morning”, “Megitsune” and “Ijime, Zettai Dame, Zettai” followed and led the performance to the encore. They played SU-METAL's Solo song “Akatsuki” and the closing tune “Head Bangya” on the encore. At the end of the encore, a statue of Mother Mary came up onto the stage. The members disappeared into the statue while “Ave Maria” was being played. It was announced their next solo show will be their first arena solo show at “Marine Messe” on December 21st. The show is called . With the announcement, the 14 song show including the encore ended.

They will be performing at several summer outdoor festivals including on July 21, on August 4, and on August 10 and 11.

◆Photo by Taku Fujii

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