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amazarashi’s Hiromu Akita provides music for Mika Nakashima’s new song, “Boku ga Shino to Omotta nowa”

It’s been confirmed that Hiromu Akita from the popular rock band amazarashi will be providing the music for Mika Nakashima’s new song, “Boku ga Shino to Omotta nowa”.

What’s more, rumors on the net seem to be saying that this new song, performed by Hiromu Akita, a member of the up-and-coming popular band that has gripped the hearts of the younger generation, will be a rock ballad. After taking up the offer from Mika Nakashima to work together, the first thing Hiromu Akita suggested was this shockingly titled track, “Boku ga Shino to Omotta nowa”, which he had been working on himself for a long time.

There are probably more than a few people who are uncomfortable with this title, which translates to “the reason I thought to die”. However, the negative images that would usually be associated with a phrase like that are not part of this song. In fact, this song is the ultimate love song, centering around the theme that while the everyday mundane “sadness” and “disconsolation” comes and goes, what makes life worth living is being with your loved one, and that is the ultimate salvation.

Also, Mika Nakashima’s homepage has now started a countdown towards something. What will happen when the countdown hit’s zero? Stay tuned to find out.

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