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[Event Report] ℃-ute 'Kanashiki Amefuri / Adam to Eve no Dilemma' Release Event

On July 14, ℃-ute held a release event for their new single, "Kanashiki Amefuri / Adam to Eve no Dilemma" at LAFORET MUSEUM HARAUKU.

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℃-ute is a group headed by Maimi Yajima, who is said to be Hello!Project's greatest ameonna (woman whose presence seems to cause rain). The day that ℃-ute performed at JAPAN EXPO in France was also rainy. Furthermore, the day that they returned to Japan from France there was a sudden strong rainstorm. On the day of the July 14 event, they held a two-part event, one part in the morning and one in the evening. Just before the evening event, all of Harajuku experienced a strong bout of rain. Although for fans of ℃-ute, this is the usual state of things. Rain is thought to be a sign that ℃-ute is in perfect form.

The mini concert began with their new song, "Adam to Eve no Dilemma." The vigorous dancing and singing girls heated up the venue.

After a short introduction, they performed "Midnight Temptation," "Tokaikko Junjou" and "Dance de Bakoon!" in succession.

Then, during the MC, Mai Hagiwara suddenly became embarrassed and began to talk about something that had happened during the handshake event that had just occurred during the first part of the event.

"I told the members already, but during the event, I was told that I resemble someone who was really great. Everyone will definitely be surprised to hear who it was. I was told, 'You look like Marilyn Monroe'! I was shocked!! I've never been told that I look like Marilyn Monroe! I don't think I'll ever be told that again! I was really amazed."

Following Hagiwara's story, Chisato Okai also spoke about the handshake event. "Reversely, I was told by someone with a very serious expression, 'Recently, you have a lot of young fans, so please do your best'!!"

Okai seemed flustered. When the audience broke into a roar of laughter, she resolved, "I thought, 'I have to do my best!' I will!!"

Maimi Yajima also said that when the tickets to ℃-ute's September 10 show at Nippon Budokan went on general sale, they sold out in less than one minute. She also announced one more time that ℃-ute has added an additional show at Nippon Budokan on the previous day, September 9 (general sale begins August 10 at 10 a.m.)

Then, Yajima said, "We will play a song that goes perfectly with today's weather" and they performed their final song, "Kanashiki Amefuri." The 600-person audience enjoyed themselves until the end.

After the conclusion of the mini concert, ℃-ute met with 1,500 fans who could not fit inside the venue and held a handshake event.

text and photo by ytsuji

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