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[Kawaii girl Japan] BABYMETAL, hundreds of fans in kitsune masks at “Kitsune Festival”

BABYMETAL held “KITSUNE Festival” at ROCKMAYKAN in Meguro on the 14. The dress code was to wear a kitsune (Japanese word for fox, or mythical fox) mask. Performing while surrounded by hundreds of fans in kitsune masks, BABYMETAL put on an odd yet exciting show.


BABYMETAL started their set with “MEGITSUNE.” The kitsune mask-wearing crowd immediately went wild. Following with songs like “KIMI TO ANIME GA MITAI~Answer for Animation with You,” “IINE!,” and “Catch me if you can” brought the energy level up even more. With each song, SU-METAL’s vocals got more intense, and YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL’s dance moves got even sharper.

BABYMETAL ended their set with “Headbanger!!” YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL sprayed the fog machine while chanting “Headbang! Headbang!” The crowd answered by banging their heads in unison. This surreal sight was the peak of the show. To close the show, SU-METAL banged on a gong and fell to the ground as part of the performance. It was reminiscent of their performance at the “Corsette Festival” before their major debut. At that time, the audience amounted to around 300 people.
One year later, their audience size has grown to ten times that number. Including their encore song, “IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI,” they performed an exhilarating six-song set.

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