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SEIKIMA-II Promulgates 83 Songs from Great Scriptures

From July 17, SEIKIMA-II simultaneously promulgated (digitally released) 83 songs from their great scriptures on iTunes, mora, and others.

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SEIKIMA-II formed in the year 17 B.D. (before demons), known to humans as the year 1982. Since then, they have been propagating their demon religion with their demonic appearance and profound songs and sermons, which they use to manipulate stupid humans at will. They do proactive missionary work such as concerts, which are known as "Black Masses," singles, which are known as "Chapters of Doctrine," and albums, known as "Scripture of Doctrine." They repeatedly perform wicked deeds, such as advancing onto variety shows as well as cultural and artistic events, even leaving scars on Japan's sacred ground, Kohaku Uta Gassen (an annual New Year's Eve music special).

The works that SEIKIMA-II have promulgated (digitally released) include works from their world debut in 14 B.D. (1985) until 5 B.D. (1994). These works are eight Scriptures of Doctrine that were released via Sony Music Entertainment. Including their most famous heavy metal Chapter of Doctrine, "Roh-nin-gyo No Yakata," which saw unprecedented sales, they have digitally released 83 songs.

Additionally, the eight Scriptures of Doctrine that were promulgated (digitally released) on July 17, which are out of print and difficult to obtain, have been reissued as remastered versions on new, high-quality CDs known as Blu-spec CD2.

- SEIKIMA-II Remastered Series Official Website

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