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DAIGO had a concert at Shibuya Public Hall under the name of “DAIGO☆STARDUST” on July 26. The show was titled, “Kaette Yuku DAIGO☆STARDUST”, as an addition to the previous show held on July 12 “Kaette Kita DAIGO☆STARDUST.” It was originally planned to be a one-night show on the 12, however, the additional concert was organized due to many fans without a chance to purchase tickets.

DAIGO Large Photo

The fans on site were taken by the comical opening with a short film featuring DAIGO before the stage. The stage started with DAIGO☆STARDUST’s debut single, “MARIA” which is one most talked about DAIGO’s song written by Kyosuke Himuro of Boøwy. DAIGO☆STARDUST appeared in the original costume with over a meter stretch of wings. “The spacey toy” was performed from the his album.

“Hi everyone at Shibuya Public Hall! This day has finally come, I’m DAIGO☆STARDUST. Some of you may not know me well, in short, DAIGO☆STARDUST is a prince of rock descended from the stars ten years ago, with a debut single “MARIA”. Everything I did had something to do with space, like “spacey hug”. Tried too many different things and I became part of the dust amongst the stars…(laugh)”

He made his fans laugh by rather self-deprecating talk. Making his return since his debut 10 years ago, his fans gave DAIGO☆STARDUST warm applause. “I’m leaving again after today, but I hope you all enjoy the best spacey live ever.” He then threw his then-signature line, “I could finally see you”. This greeting is used for those who come to his live performance for the first time. With the killing line, he kissed hands of fans in the front row while interacting with all fans on site humorously.

Other songs from DAIGO☆STARDUST days with glam rock elements, “Queen Stardust”, “STARS”, and “D☆Trance” continued to follow. DAIGO☆STARDUST also showed off his musical technique using his old acoustic guitar in “Feather” and “Dear sunshine”.

At the beginning of second half, another video clip kicked in. This was to show DAIGO’s two weeks between Kaette Kita DAIGO☆STARDUST on the 12th and Kaette Yuku DAIGO☆STARDUST on the 26th. At the end of his live stage on 12th, he mentioned he was hoping to “enjoy earth”. The video showed DAIGO☆STARDUST, the prince of rock, enjoying life on earth from his ride on a rikishaw in Asakusa, eating crepe in Harajuku, having fun at gaming amusement center, Karaoke and bowling.

Second half of the show started as DAIGO☆STARDUST appeared covering top to toes in red costume. Next came “HELLO CRAZY GENTLEMAN”, “SUPER JOY”, “SCAPEGOAT” with strong rock elements. The very end song was, “I wanna be your star” with everyone on site united. All 14 songs finished with speed.

Encore session included DAIGO☆STARDUST “must-hear” songs, “Daisy” and “ROCK THE PLANET”. DAIGO☆STARDUST performed in a bright shining sequined costume.
DAIGO☆STARDUST, who decorated his stage with his spacey fashion, left the stage elegantly in the name of ‘Eternal Space Cowboy’.

End-roll was projected on a screen monitor almost convincing fans that was it for the show… at the very end, another short film clip kicked in showing DAIGO☆STARDUST made his return into the body of DAIGO. DAIGO☆STARDUST did not leave the earth to return to his star, he assimilated and became one with DAIGO through “space hug” to be born again as ‘New DAIGO’. The concert continued as DAIGO to premier his new songs “Mugen∞REBIRTH” and “Itsumo Dakishimete”. DAIGO also promised to fans that he will someday return as BREAKERZ with all three members.

In the ending movie, DAIGO announced his upcoming schedules starting Tomeihan Tour in December and hosting an event “The Worlds’ Biggest Spacey Hug!!”. The spacey hug event is exclusively available for 5,555 people in Tokyo and Osaka, literally providing a “hug DAIGO” opportunity making fans dream come true.

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