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flumpool Releases 5th Anniversary Double A-Side Single Featuring Collaboration Song With Mayday

flumpool announced on stage at J-WAVE LIVE 2000+13 that they will be releasing their 5th anniversary double A-side single, “Tsuyoku Hakanaku / Belief ~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e~”, on October 2.

flumpool New Artist Picture

For flumpool who will be celebrating their 5th anniversary on October 1, this single would be their anniversary release. According to them, the new song, “Tsuyoku Hakanaku,” would serve, as an indicator for the direction the band would be heading from here on out. As the title suggests, the song possesses both strength (Tsuyoku = adverbial form of strength) and evanescence (Hakanaku = adverbial form of evanescence). It would surely become one of flumpool’s representative works from hereon.

The other song on the single, “Belief ~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e~” is the band’s first collaboration song with Mayday who has earned great recognition and popularity within all of Asia, especially in China.

The first press edition of this double A-sided single will include the bonus DVD, “How have we felt for 5 years? ~flumpool’s 5th anniversary historic DVD~”. There will be more than 60 minutes of video on the DVD that traces the history of flumpool since their debut 5 years ago.

Furthermore, the standard edition will include the bonus track, “OLDIES but GOODIES –flumpool 5th year anniversary non-stop mix-“. It is a 20-minute non-stop remix featuring all 20 single songs beginning with their debut song, “Hana ni Nare”, and ending with their July 2013 release, “Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi ni Miataranakute / Binetsu Refrain”. The song would be a welcomed bonus for all people including fans and those who are listening to flumpool for the first time.

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