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[Live Report]Mai Kuraki Takes First “LIVE PROJECT” Full Throttle in Miyagi

Mai Kuraki held her final performance of the “MAI KURAKI LIVE PROJECT 2013 “RE:”” on Aug. 17 in Sendai. The tour was marked by the “RE:” theme, with multiple meanings playing a part, such as “Reborn”, “Restart” and “Retry”.

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It was the long-awaited final show of Kuraki's first live project tour, spanning a total of 12 cities.

“Sendai, I've come back!”

These words from Kuraki were answered with joyous shouts from the sold-out venue.
“Before my 15th anniversary, I thought that one thing I could do was to go back to my roots and stand before you all. I wanted to be here to bring my feelings of gratitude to you, to do things here,” she said, thinking of her 15th anniversary since her debut, which she celebrated in December 2012. Concurrent with this tour, Kuraki had also participated as a volunteer in Miyagi's Iwanumashi as part of the “Gareki wo Ikasu -GREAT FOREST WALL PROJECT-” as well as other activities around the prefecture. Her attitude of “doing what I can” continued to show through her music as a strong influence of her tour.

Appearing on stage with six dancers, Kuraki raised her fist in the air, keeping the beat through her introduction. It was a true spectacle as green penlights flashed through the venue, keeping time along with her. Her opening number “Diamond Wave” went naturally with the first theme of “Respect”, and from the very start, the fans were one, spinning their towels through the air.

Next, Kuraki continued with several upbeat numbers, including “Yume ga Saku Haru” and “ P.S♡MY SUNSHINE” keeping with her theme to take away the troubles of those around her. With each piece building on each other to communicate the messages of “rebirth” and “taking one step toward the future”, she pulled her fans even deeper into her performance. She shone even more brightly than usual as she brought out the medium tempo numbers “Start in my life”, “Reach for the sky” and “Kaze no La La La”, brimming with her own unique hopes for the future.

Next, she moved into her ballads for the middle of the performance, charming the audience with her charity song “Anata ga Iru Kara” and a personally poignant tune for Kuraki, “Sakura Sakura...”.

Then, changing into a gold outfit, she performed her hit songs “TRY AGAIN”, “PUZZLE” and “Feel fine!” non-stop, bringing the concert to its climax with a total of 20 songs. When she returned to the stage for the encore, she addressed the fans.

“There are all kinds of words that begin with “RE:”, and to me those kinds of words are full of hope. For me personally, I've been able to do shows all over Japan, refresh myself, and feel all over again why music is so enjoyable, and, as a singer, I've been able to reaffirm what it is that I need to do from now on. I would like it if you would all discover what “RE:” means to you. In just a little while, I'll have been doing this for over 15 years, but I want to present myself with new challenges, communicate more with my work, and also, I want to return here.”

The final shining moment on this tour became “Love, Day After Tomorrow”. Written when Kuraki was only 16, not knowing her way around the music industry yet, it was a song she remembered putting together recklessly; one that would become her debut. Her satisfied smile as the “L.O.V.E.” from her full audience showed through, and it became a beautiful expression of the tour's magnificent success.

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