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UVERworld, LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2013 Begins!

Starting with the August 24-25, performances that took place at Zepp Sapporo, UVERworld began their LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2013.

UVERworld Photo

The live performance included songs recorded on the previously-released “Fight For Liberty / Wizard CLUB”, as well as a rendition of “Wizard CLUB” that was recorded with all the members using percussion instruments. Although this live was a challenge for the group, their passion for their music was prevalent throughout the performance.

As a start to the tour, TAKUYA∞ commented, “We wanted to perform this music that was born in the music camps of Hokkaido, first and foremost here in Sapporo in front of everyone. We feel truly blessed that there are so many people who attended the live house tour, extending their fingers and desperately reaching out for our message, despite difficult circumstances. We’ll be going nationwide, delivering our message through the power of music and words.”

The tickets for this live-house tour were completely sold out on the day of their release, but as a collaboration between “Music Unlimited” and UVERworld, fans can enter a drawing to receive a free invitation to the live event, LIVE Music Unlimited 3 DAYS, so be sure to check out the site and enter!

▼UVERworld 『Fight For Liberty version 1』

Ticket Information & Purchase Page
UVERworld Official Site
「Music Unlimited」 Special Site

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