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[Event Report]INORAN, MUCC, lynch, heidi at event presented by Angelo

Angelo presents THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA was held at SHIBUYA AX on August 16. The tickets for this event got sold out instantly.

Angelo presents THE INTERSECTION OF DOGMA photo

Last year the same event took place for the first time on August 17, 2012 featuring MERRY, Sadie, girugämesh, lynch. In 2013, the event welcomed seasoned artists like INORAN and MUCC, as well as lynch. who performed in the event for a second time in addition to heidi, for a broader age fan group.

Same as last year, the video clips directed by Kirito started playing, heidi went on stage at 5:30pm. The group is the youngest among the performers but nothing intimidated them. YOSHIHIKO (vo) kicked off the event, “Let’s start! Enjoy the night!” as the intro of first song ‘Utakata’ started. Their performance with music on good rhythm and lyrics delivered a powerful message swallowing the entire venue.
As said earlier, the group believed that the first band’s role is to warm up and bring fans to a level to fully enjoy the live show and they hoped to enjoy the event themselves. As stated, heidi got the venue and the audience on their side for sure. They performed songs including aggressive and ballad pieces, and everyone on and off stage was enjoying the night at most.

lynch. appeared and the crowd cheered wildly wild. All red lights on stage and stoic heavy tunes were thrown out. “We are honored to perform two years in a row. I know some of you are new here. Get wild as you like” said Hazuki, encouraging the audience to go wild just like lynch. lynch.’s sound has wildness and sensitive melody all combined. ‘pulse.’ started and the band suddenly started disclaimer saying, “Um, apologies in advance for those who don’t want to hear this. We are going to talk dirty no.w”
“Don’t you…want to have sex!? Go crazy!” fueled the fans and they performed the tunes aggressively till the end.

Stage opened up once again showing the stage all lit up as if it was Christmas lights surrounding. INORAN appeared in the exciting cheers. As you know, INORAN is perhaps the most seasoned artist and well-known guitarist of LUNA SEA. His appearance itself is a big surprise for the fans. ‘smoke’ started and opened up the entire live show in the hottest rock n roll energy. “Having a good time? I love events like this. Let music take over you and keep rocking!” said the big name. In ‘Get Laid’, he fueled the fans by call & response. The edgy-ness of band sound in a good way, and the groovy feel of the real time show, and INORAN’s casual yet coolest attitude despite his charismatic career, it was all remarkable and making the event even more memorable.

Next came MUCC in almost crazy wild call and cheers. ‘Mr. Liar’ caught the fans attention like magnet. Tatsuro (vo) has such performance presence and ‘stench’ in the sound he creates. The ensemble with the band joined by his sound stench was just convincing, making one prove this is the sound brought by a group playing in the international music scenes. No wonder they won over many music events. ‘Nirvana’ involved everyone singing in one big chorus. ‘Ranchu’ spurred the fans on to dive. Fans usually do this standard move of staying seated and jump in this song. Tatsuro told the fans it shook the stand-by room when fans jumped. “Let’s do it, and make em (Kirito) jealous, operation Angelo!” said Tatsuro as he excited the fans even more to await for the next coming up artist Angelo.

8:50 pm. At last, the main headliner, Angelo, appeared from the stage center. AX shook in the wild cheers of fans. ‘RIP’ started and Kirito started banging the mic stand in the intro. The venue was completely taken by his presence in no time. Karyu and Giru’s twin guitars were performed elegantly yet with edgy-ness, TAKEO and KOHTA hit the heavy beat in their coolness, Kirito with his both arms painted white and covered with black costume. There stood the charismatic artist everyone knew. ‘OUTBREAK’, the newest single, was performed. The entire venue was in love with Angelo alone. In ‘Manic State High Pressure’, the silver tapes were thrown out all over AX as if a door to new world was opening.

The five members left the stage and encore call never stopped. ‘Every band has time assigned, so encore is hard, but we want fans to enjoy the stage’ said Kirito, and performed the very last song ‘SCRAP’ with its powerful tunes. Tatsuro and Hazuki were called back to stage and three of them did vocal altogether, making a very rare scene unlike the 2012 event.

Kirito, left behind on stage, said “Today was the best live show! Thank you!” with straight voice using no microphone as he took the deepest bow. The evening was indeed spice-full and lots were given to digest.

Interview・Text◎Hiroko Yamamoto

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