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Namie Amuro becomes a Hologram, reveal of new song “Ballerina”

On September 7 at the largest night shopping event FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2013(FNO) in Omotesando-Aoyama-Harajuku, the Japanese fashion icon/artist Namie Amuro, the Italian brand icon GUCCI, and the sponsor of FNO, VOGUE JAPAN worked in collaboration to unveil a special project.


FNO is a global shopping event sponsored by VOGUE that began in 2009, aiming to unite various countries as one. A total of 19 countries participated in this fifth annual event, including two newcomers, Thailand and the Ukraine, which just joined this year. FNO is an event in which many fashionistas participate each year; it aims to support the fashion industry as well as stimulate the economy.

On this day, the GUCCI in Aoyama was particularly attention-drawing.

The show window at GUCCI in Aoyama, which is one of the brands that participates in FNO, displayed a large image of Namie Amuro, as well as a life-size mannequin of Namie Amuro that was made using a 3D scan of the artist herself. Further, as a special showing for the event, the store revealed special video footage of a “Hologram Namie Amuro” wearing the Gucci 2013-14 Women’s Fall/Winter Collection. What’s more, the music used for this special『GUCCI×VOGUE JAPAN×NAMIE AMURO』collaboration footage was none other than Namie Amuro’s new song, “Ballerina”(release date unannounced).

Close to 1000 people came to take a look at this collaboration display, and the GUCCI store stood out even among the FNO-participating brands with the long line of people lined up outside the shop. The longest approximate wait time to enter was measured at about two hours. The shop was so popular that all items became sold out even before some who had been waiting to enter had reached their turn.

This was the first time that Namie Amuro was made into hologram form. It was also the first time that GUCCI Aoyama took part in such a project as well. This never-before-seen combination of the world-renowned luxury brand GUCCI and the global shopping event culminated in a display that drew a great deal of attention.

Namie Amuro Official Site

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