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[Live Report]INORAN Opening Tour

The live show was one of a kind that cannot be deleted from ones memory with that level of excitement....

INORAN~Large Photo~

First day of <INORAN TOUR 2013-MAKE YOU BANG!!!-> on September 13 at Shibuya CLUB QUATRO was packed and filled with crazy heat even before the start of the live show. Drummer, Ryo Yamagata (Sonz of Freedom, OLDCODEX support) bassist, u:zo (Sonz of Freedom, ex.RIZE/YELLOW FRIED CHICKINz), and guitarist, Yuiko Murata (my way my love) appeared to applause. Lastly INORAN appeared with his arm raised up high.

The tour opening kicked off with the title tune “Something about you”. This is a live venue exclusive single for this tour alone. The song started with vocal and guitar alone and it gradually gained heat. The heated up performance started shaking listeners and when “Hide and Seek” was thrown in with its solid explosive sound, the listeners tension was raised even higher. INORAN’s vocal pumped up every listener’s blood vein, you could hear an enthusiastic male fan voice screaming from the audience.

“Tour started today! This is our first shot. We are gonna get wild with no hesitation. Let’s rock deeper today, in this hour!!”

“No name” started with INORAN’s count cue. This piece brings a wonderful string unison and the dynamic tension.

Songs from INORAN’s album “DIVE YOUTH, SONIK DIVE” set out a direction as an artist for INORAN today, and they were even more powerful. The rhythm, bluesy guitar sound in “Selfless”. INORAN played his many guitar solos with an additional ‘wow’ trigger, raising his guitar high up in the air at the very end.

“are we there yet!?” “you are too quiet”, INORAN fueled the fans teasingly. The fans responded in wild cheers. INORAN smiled and said, “I totally got nothing to talk here”.

INORAN was being who he was during the MC session. Yet when music started, he was wild and sharp like a hunter and really punk. He fueled the fans even more. Yes he is playful, skillful with his vocal and guitar. His expressiveness has no boundaries now.

He switched to acoustic and performed a slow piece. That slow tune made me feel like it was the vast sky and land with expanding horizons and I was traveling.
The venue floor was decorated with lit fires. Like Murata’s guitar was adding colors to each imaginary scene, the song performance got sharper and sharper. The magic of their sound was evidently clear.

Ceaseless hands and applause surrounded INORAN. “I’m happy, having so much fun, and almost crying” said INORAN. He roared saying, “make me cry more!” and gave a tongue to the audience teasingly.

Surprise session time. Guitarist Murata’s band, my way my love, and u:zo (bass) and Ryo (drums)’s band Sonz of Freedom were performed as cover. One song from each band. That showed INORAN is a type of guy who respects members and is a guy with caring heart.

In the last half of the show, new song “Black Velvet” (exclusively recorded on single) was performed. The song had gothic and alternative feel, and some sexy touch with the edginess to draw listeners back to INORAN world instantly. With this gothic piece to start with, “smoke” followed with its surf rock tunes, and all-time live standard songs continued afterward. QUATTRO was not in unity. It felt like the entire venue turned into one gigantic wrecking ball.

I’m not going through the setlist in details here. This is only day 1 of the INORAN tour. That said, I am to make a mention at least that INORAN’s live show is just superb and makes one speechless.

After all songs were played, INORAN shouted to the audience together with members, “It was the best time! Thank you!”.

This is a tour you don’t wanna miss.

Interview・Test●Hiroko Yamamoto

INORAN Official Site

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