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[Live Report]Spitz solo concert after 16 years to bring 15,000 fans

Spitz had a solo concert, Spitz Yokohama SunSet 2013, at Yokohama red brick park on September 14.

<Spitz Yokohama SunSet 2013> Photo

THE GREAT JAMBOREE ’97 IN KOIWAI “Michinoku Yuyake Kyodai” was held in August 1997. The group had no other outdoor one-man live show since in the last 16 years. Since 2010, Spitz was performing under the event name Shinkiba SunSet at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. The band decided to move their venue to the red brick park in Yokohama for 2013.

The first outdoor one-man live in 16 years attracted many fans even in the remainders of dead summer heat. When the show started, 15,000 people gathered with excitement.

Around the sun started to set, band mambers appeared on stage. Masamune Kusano welcomed the audience, “Welcome to Yokohama SunSet today! We hope you enjoy the event”. Fans gave hands and cheers as the opening song “Koi no Uta” kicked off.

“26 years this year since Spitz started. We are, the luckiest band to be able to keep singing and playing for people like you. Thank you for your support!”, spoke out Kusano emotionally. The songs at the event included new pieces to premier “Chiisana Ikimono” and “Sara Sara”, and the all time hit numbers “Cherry” and “Nagisa”, totaling 23 songs altogether. The venue was looking over an ocean view, with the evening sky changing colors to the night sky and the ocean breeze blowing. Spitz delivered the most luxurious sound of music to the fans with the sweet and sincere vocal by Masamune Kusano.

“As I thought about a setlist today, I happened to take bits and pieces from all our 14 albums” said Spitz. The setlist this day, selected carefully with love, made this live event even more unique and personal for the long time Spitz fans.

“We are going to keep running the tour by this momentum. We look forward to seeing you there!”. Spitz starts a national tour <SPITZ JAMBOREE TOUR 2013-2014 “Chiisana Ikimono”> starting November. Stay tuned to keep close eye on Spitz!

Photo by Hajime Kamiiisaka

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