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New Member of Lychee Hikari Club: GISHO(ex.PENICILLIN) !

Lychee Hikari Club, a music unit organized by vocalist HAKUEI of PENICILLIN (a visual kei rock band which celebrated the 20th anniversary of their formation last year) has confirmed the addition of a new member, GISHO (ex.PENICILLIN), as their bassist.

Lychee Light Club is a manga by Usamaru Furuya, whose popularity has made its way into different entertainment sectors such as anime, theatre, music, and live-action movies. The manga’s manifestation in the music sector is that of a music unit that uses its same name, centering on HAKUEI; the group has released three CD titles as well as two live DVDs.

The addition of band member GISHO, who has worked with HAKUEI for over 20 years, is sure to bring Lychee Light Club to an even higher level. Their December CD release, as well as a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour have both been confirmed.

Lychee Light Club
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