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[Kawaii girl Japan] <HARAJUKU KAWAii! FES 2013>: Third Group Of Participating Artists Announced

As additional artists to perform at <HARAJUKU KAWAii! FES 2013>, to be held on October 5 & 6, 2013, Shoko Nakagawa, and Luna Haruna, amongst others were announced to participate.

<HARAJUKU KAWAii! FES 2013> Third Announcement Participating Artist Picture

In addition to artists including Kuroki Nagisa, Daichi, and Luna Haruna who will be participating in the event, Shoko Nakagawa will be participating in the fashion show and talk show as a model representing her fashion brand produced in collaboration with BEAMS, “mmts”, which fuses the concepts of “fashionableness” and “sub-culture”. In addition, some more popular fashion magazine models to participate in the event were announced along with information on who will be appearing at each venue each day.

<HARAJUKU KAWAii!> is the festival of Harajuku culture held under the theme “to make ‘KAWAII’ the global keyword of fashion”. It is a fusion of fashion show and live music show and features numerous popular models, artists and idols. The event has been held numerous times internationally. This time, it will be held as a free circuit-style festival in the city of Harajuku on October 5th and 6th, under the name <HARAJUKU KAWAii! FES 2013>.

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