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“SCHOOL OF LOCK!” x SEKAI NO OWARI: Sales For Charity Wristband Surpasses 10,000,000 Yen

“STAY STRONG” is the charity wristband created by SEKAI NO OWARI and TOKYO FM to support reconstruction of East Japan. Since the release of the first model in August 2011, the amount of money accumulated through sales and charity surpassed 10,000,000 yen as of end of August, 2013.


“STAY STRONG” is a charity merchandise created by SEKAI NO OWARI who currently stars in the “Seka Owa LOCKS!” section (Fridays, 10:30PM ~ 10:55PM) within TOKYO FM’s “SCHOOL OF LOCK!”. It was created under the wish to “hold a charity project that can attract young people and continue for a long time”. Currently, the third model is being sold.

This third model will also be available for purchase at SEKAI NO OWARI’s music festival, <Honou to Mori no Carnival>, which will be held for three days at Fujikyu Highland on October 12-14.

“STAY STRONG” is also available at “Shops.Love”, the official shopping site of TOKYO FM. A portion of the sales is used to support reconstruction of areas damaged from the Great East Japan Earthquake through the charity organization, JFN Human Conscious.

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