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[Kawaii girl Japan /LIVE REPORT]The Possible × Up Up Girls (Kari), YOU KIKKAWA to Break In Yokohama BLITZ ‘Reunion’

On October 7, the two-man live show by The Possible and Up Up Girls (Kari) was held at Yokohama BLITZ.

<YOKOHAMA BLITZ THE FINAL The Possible×Up Up Girls (Kari) 2-man Live Show 2013『Seichi Yokohama BLITZ』> Photo

Both groups had one-man live shows individually at Yokohama BLITZ back in August, 2013. This is the third time for the two groups to play at the joint live show. The live show at Yokohama BLITZ this time was to be the very last. The big banner hanging over the venue, ‘Po (Kari)’ was indicating as if this concert was an exhibition after one-man live show.

The Possible kicked off the concert with a dramatic start from ‘Rion’ and ‘DO ME! DO!’ offering a mature feel to the fans.

Robin (Shoko Robin Okada)’s cue, “Everyone dance!” started the up tempo song ‘Nanja Korya?!”. The group members showed off singing a cappella in the middle. Next song followed as the fans cheered, ‘Otome! Be Ambitious!’. An announcement about the one-man show at Akasaka BLITZ on November 24 was also made during the talk session. The last half of their stage continued with hard core songs including, “Sa Koi! Happiness!”, “Yuuki Superball!”, “Eien Fire Ball”.

Next appeared Up Up Girls (Kari) on stage and started the 2013 released song ‘Respect-Tokyo’ from ‘Ichiban Girls!’ right off.

The self-introduction time during talk session was very proactive and aggressive as usual, like they were challenging the very good friend unit, The Possible.

Up Up Girls (Kari) continued their stage with the special set list of five songs including the newly released ‘SAMURAI GIRLS’ through to ‘Chopper☆Chopper’ non-stop. The girls smiled saying, “This is the best show~!” and concluded the stage with ‘Ano Saka no Ue made’.

Both girls groups appeared during the encore session. The selected first song for the special collaboration was ‘Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory!’ by The Possible. The song was divided into parts for both groups for singing.

The second song for collaboration was ‘Upper Cut!’. Shortly after, the groups shared an episode about their shared memory celebrating each other’s performance. The large banners in the back of stage this day included a number ‘20070826-20131007’. What that number ‘20070826’ meant was the date when they last stood upon the stage at Yokohama BLITZ as part of the Hello! Project Egg.

Yokohama BLITZ – a place where both The Possible and Up Up Girls (Kari) commenced their artist life anew after leaving Hello! Project Egg. Now standing on the same stage for both their one-man live shows. One of them uttered, “So glad to be back on the stage with all the members”. Other members agreed, and fans gave them warm applause.

Surprise guest member ran behind them singing all of a sudden. The Possible and Up Up Girls (Kari) screamed being surprised. YOU KIKKAWA broke in the stage saying, “This is my first time at Yokohama BLITZ since my commencement from Hello! Project Egg stage. I am also the alumnus and not called for today.” Everyone cheered to welcome YOU KIKKAWA with much laughter.

KIKKAWA had a proposal to tie the knot of Hello! Project alumni in depth and form ‘YOU KIKKAWA and The Possi Possi Girls (Kari)’. KIKKAWA forcefully persuaded everyone around by saying, ‘It is one stone killing three birds” and setting their next goal to be the promised land of Hello! Project, Nakano Sunplaza. KIKKAWA continued to push through breaking in to singing the last song.

The very last song was a familiar number that everyone used to sing in Hello! Project Egg days for the end repertoire, ‘Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsudukuyona Mirai deare!”. While the nostalgic tune continued, the dramatically improved performance stood out as a clear milestone of their growth.

Text by Suzu_Kawaii girl Japan Editorial Department

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