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[Kawaii girl Japan/Comment MOVIE] What was Hanae like as a child? New Single “JUVENILE!!!!” To Be Released

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Hanae is releasing a new single “JUVENILE!!!!” on October 23. The song is used for an ending theme song for the TV anime seried, ‘Tanken Driland -1000 nen no Mahou’.

Teamed up with pop maestro, Shuichi Mabe, Hanae’s new song has a playful pop tune that is also surreal. In the music video of the song, Hanae’s detective group ventures on a journey, full of fun.

is scheduled to take place at ‘Dansou Kissa 80 +1’ in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on October 26 (Sat). Also the first album will be released on November 27 for the long awaited fans.

-New Release
-6th Single 「JUVENILE!!!!」
  On Sale starting October 23, 2013
<First Press Limited Edition(CD+DVD)> TYCT-39002 / \1,680
2. Kiss Topics
3. JUVENILE!!!! (TV anime 『Tanken Driland-1000 nen no Mahou-』 Ending ver.)
・JUVENILE!!!! (Music Video)
・Music Video, the making film
・「Kiss Topics」 Hanae 3 minute cooking!

<Standard Press Edition (CD)> TYCT-30004 / \1,050
2. Kiss Topics
3. JUVENILE!!!! (original Karaoke)
4. Kiss Topics (original Karaoke)

-First Album On Sale starting November 27, 2013

-Hanae Official website
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