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[Kawaii girl Japan/Live Report]BABYMETAL’s first advent in metal festival <LOUD PARK 13>

Ever since their formation in 2010 with the theme of “a fusion of idols and metal”, the unstoppable metal dance unit BABYMETAL has continuously brought excitement to music and metal fans both in Japan and abroad through their live performances; on October 20, they completed their first feat of playing in Japan’s largest and only metal festival, <LOUD PARK 13>, which took place in the Saitama Super Arena.


The two singles that they’ve released to date, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” and “Megitsune” have both made it into the top 10 of the Oricon Weekly Charts, and every live performance that they’ve held since their first 2012 standalone live has sold out; they are in such hype right now that even the tickets for their upcoming 12/21 arena one-man live at Makuhari Messe sold out in one day. All that excitement surrounding the group is not only limited to their standalone performances, however. BABYMETAL also performed in <JOIN ALIVE>, <ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2013>, and <SUMMER SONIC> this past summer, igniting an international response from fans around the world.

Recently, BABYMETAL took yet another big step in their career: they were the youngest performers to ever have played at the largest and only metal festival in Japan, <LOUD PARK 13>. Initially, when the confirmation of their participation in the festival was announced, a strong feeling of excitement mixed with anxiousness was palpable throughout the venue, due to the fortunate aspect of playing at a real metal festival along with the difficulties of completing such a feat.

The introduction video footage began by fanning the crowd’s excitement with, “Are your necks ready to go?” which brought forth great cheers; the members then came onto the stage shouldering big towels with the “BABYMETAL” logo. As they hoisted the towels into the air, the live began from the brutal number, “BABYMETAL DEATH”. As BABYMETAL continued on with “Kimi to Anime ga Mitai~Answer for Animation with You”, “Catch me if you can”, and “Megitsune”, a change came over the audience. Here and there, voices could be heard saying things like, “It’s actually cooler and more interesting than I thought,” and, “Wow, it’s much different than I expected.” Even the co-performing artists from abroad stood watching over the group in the wings, and many of the seats were filled.

In the middle of the performance, footage taken from the miraculous SUMER SONIC performance in which they played on the same stage as Metallica, as well as from last year’s one-man live at Makuhari Messe was shown, eliciting great cheers and applaud from the audience. Then, as “Akatsuki” began, all eyes were on SU-METAL alone. Even in all her nervousness, she looked like a goddess of metal, her voice gradually building up over the melodic speed metal played by the twin guitars and double bass drum. During next song, “HeadBanger!!” the venue immediately erupted in excitement as the group continued on to the climax. During, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, the customary practice for BABYMETAL’s live shows, “Wall of Death” took place. On the signal of SU-METAL’s shout, the left and right sides of the audience split into two, and ran all at once towards the center, smashing their bodies against each other in a variation of a mosh pit as YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL ran along the stage with all their might as well. In the end, there was moshing here and there, and BABYMETAL’s “park of steel debut” ended in the midst of great cheers.

BABYMETAL released their first live footage DVD-BOX, “LIVE~LEGEND I、D、Z APOCALYPSE~” the day before on the 19th, which sold out immediately on the same day partially due to the fact that it was available in limited numbers. However, on November 20, they will be releasing a Blu-ray with the same live footage as the DVD-BOX as well. You couldn’t ask for more, as the “LEGEND” series which was created from the contents of three one-man live performances includes complete show footage, providing plenty of enjoyment for fans who have just learned of the group’s existence this past summer.

●photo by Taku Fujii

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