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Chara’s Beloved Daughter SUMIRE Appears In Music Video For Newest Self-Cover Release

The music video for Chara’s self-cover of the 1997 big hit tune, “Yasashii Kimochi”, has been revealed. The track will be featured on her self-cover album, “JEWEL”, under the name “Yasashii Kimochi (Special Kiss ver.). The album will be released on November 13.

Yasashii Kimochi (Special Kiss ver.) Short Version Video

The biggest draw of the music video is definitely the starring of Chara’s 18-year-old, beloved daughter. The shooting began early morning and continued until the next morning. It was shot in the end of September. There are scenes in the new video that resemble the original video of “Yashii Kimichi” in which Chara herself starred. The end product has become a beauty-filled piece of work worthy to accompany the newly recorded “Yasashii Kimochi (Special Kiss ver.)”.

An up-close shot of SUMIRE will be featured on the album’s cover artwork. Furthermore, her beloved son has participated for the first time as a drummer on the 12th track of the album, “Sekai”. Chara has commented on the new album, “JEWEL”, “I want to express that my love towards you is my biggest masterpiece. That’s the image of the album”. As a result, all her “jewels” –her songs and her two beloved children- have been packed into the album.

Numerous Japanese artists ranging from veterans to newcomers have assembled to give life to Chara’s newly arranged masterpieces, which were completed with the ever-evolving voice of Chara. The new album packs in all the jewels that represent everything that is important in Chara’s life, both as an artist and a mother.

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