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[Concert Report] MAN WITH A MISSION Roared at Yokohama Arena

MAN WITH A MISSION's national tour Wake Myself Again TOUR 2013 Supported by Budweiser went to Yokohama Arena on October 26.


This concert drew a 13,000 person audience, breaking their record of 10,000 audience at Nippon Budokan.

The show started with the member's reflections on the big curtain, when the audience's energy started rising. Then, strangely, the figures rose up and started moving around. But then, the the audience's energy was turned to surprise when they found the members weren't on the stage after the curtain was drawn.

The light was out until a huge box, which looks like that of a magic show, came onto the stage. The stage looked as if a magic show were about to begin, but then the four wolves jumped out of the box with blasting sound. When everyone thought they were missing one wolf, Tokyo Tanaka (Vo) jumped onto the center stage shouting from the bottom of his heart, bringing the audience's energy already to the climax.

The energetic and fast songs of the set list didn't let the audience sit back and relax with the members at the top of their emotions all the time, and it was as if each song were one-on-one battle with the audience.

Jean-Ken Johnny(Gt,Vo,Raps)said “I believe human's heart has a power and that drove the typhoon away. Thank you so much!”, making the fans scream with joy.

When TAKUMA from 10 FEET was brought up onto the stage as a surprise guest, the whole crowd in Yokohama Arena roared with excitement. They performed “database feat. TAKUMA 10-FEET) with the most of their energy.

And the theme of the video of MISSION's regular video sessions was “Kamikaze Boy goes fishing g for tuna”. Kamikaze Boy (Bass/Cho)'s funny trip for tuna all the way to Hokkaido made the audience laugh out loud. Also, the video featured Kamimaze Boy struggling with sea-sickness, revealing another side of the wolf that fans haven't seen.

Toward the end, the audience screamed “Yakiniku” not “Encore”, when the screen showed letters saying “Urgent Notification”. They announced they will tour at 30 venues in 2014.

MAN WITH A MISSION say “We want to keep running without forgetting where we came from”. Please look forward to more to come from the wolves.

MAN WITH A MISSION Official Website

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