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JAM Project Begins Nationwide Tour

On November 8, JAM Project began a nationwide tour that will span over about six months. The tour is titled "JAM Project LIVE TOUR2013-2014 THUMB RISE AGAIN," which follows the release of their second self-produced original album, "THUMB RISE AGAIN." The tour will include sixteen performances.

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Starting from the first song, the five members let the audience hear their enthusiastic singing voices, and member Hironobu Kageyama called, "I looked forward to seeing you!" riling up the crowd and showing his happiness at beginning their first long tour in quite some time.

The concert lasted over two hours and primarily included songs from the newest album, "THUMB RISE AGAIN." They also played JAM Project essentials such as "Rescue Fire" (the opening for the drama "Rescue Fire") and "SKILL" (the opening for the PS2 game "2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha"). They performed a total of twenty-one songs.

Fans were happy to see JAM Project perform the song "Armor~to Aru Otoko no Monogatari~," which is from the new album. It is the type of song that JAM Project has not performed in the past, and fans were able to see the sort of performance they give with that type of song.

Additionally, during this concert, JAM Project performed a special acoustic corner featuring violin, cello, and piano that are not part of the regular backing band. There was also a part where they sang a cappella, adding a symphonic aspect to the performance.

During an MC partway throughout he set, the members talked about their feelings about the performance and how they went to Washimiya Shrine, a famous place featured in the popular anime "Lucky☆Star," and prayed for the safety and success of the tour, an established practice for them. They also told unknown episodes about the recording of the album and the music video shooting, allowing the audience to see a harmonious side of them.

JAM Project, who has performed many concerts overseas, is focusing on Japan with this uplifting nationwide tour, asking the question, "What is the samurai spirit?" They have already announced additional performances, including a February 11 performance at Nippon Budokan and an April 12 performance at Iwaki Alios in Fukushima prefecture, the final performance of the tour. During their enthusiastic MCs, the members made it clear that they intend to do their best until the final performance in Iwaki.

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