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KUROYUME’s New Single, “Guernica” Jacket

Approaching their twentieth debut anniversary in 2014, KUROYUME will be releasing their new single, “Guernica” on 12/11. The CD jacket for this single features actress Asami Mizukawa.

”Guernica” Jacket

The reason for the actress’s appearance on the cover is because “Guernica” was chosen as the theme song for the Kadokawa Horror Library 20th Anniversary Movie, “Bilocation”, which stars Asami Mizukawa. This will be the first time that Mizukawa will have made an appearance on a musician’s CD jacket.

Adhering to the title of the movie, “Bilocation=another side of me”, the jacket was shot with the theme of “another side of Asami Mizukawa”, showing an Asami Mizukama wearing a cool expression rather than her usual “public image” smile.

Further, vocalist Kiyoharu was present throughout the entire shoot, even staying after to check the photos, making sure everything went smoothly from start to finish.

KUROYUME will be releasing singles “Guernica” and “I HATE YOUR POPSTAR LIFE” simultaneously on 12/11. They’ll also be releasing an original full album, “Kuro to Kage” on 1/29 of 2014, as well as holding a live performance at the Nippon Budokan.

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