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A conversation with Avril Lavigne and ONE OK ROCK

Avril Lavigne, who just released her new record on November 6, sat down to talk with ONE OK ROCK, who happen to be fans of hers. The program looks deep into Lavigne through the perspective of artist and fan as they talk about making songs, and her latest work.

Avril Lavigne x ONE OK ROCK image

The talk will be played on SPACE SHOWER TV’s international music program called “INTERNATIONAL FLASH” for 2 weeks.

Photo: Yoshika Horita

●Part 1 of 2
December 9 (Monday) 19:00 ~ 20:00 first broadcast
December 10 (Tuesday) 24:00 ~ 25:00 repeat broadcast
●Part 2 of 2
December 16 (Monday) 19:00 ~ 20:00 first broadcast
December 23 (Tuesday) 24:00 ~ 25:00 repeat broadcast

ONE OK ROCK official site

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