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[LIVE REPORT]Yu Takahashi, First Nippon Budokan Concert

Yu Takahashi had his first Nippon Budokan concert, YOU CAN BREAK THE SILENCE IN BUDOKAN on November 24. The venue with capacity of 9,000 people was filled with powerful tunes from 22 songs of 3 hours long performance.

Yu Takahashi Photo

The large banner with a tour title, <YOU CAN BREAK THE SILENCE IN BUDOKAN>, was placed up in the front of stage as numerous amps and other decors decorated all over the stage. Suddenly an announcement was made asking the audience, “Are you ready to break the silence, and sing with us, Budokan!?”. A mock host behind the curtain broke in officially announcing the opening of the stage, as the fans stood up and instantly cheered in wild excitement. When the venue lights got dark and the curtain opened, Yu Takahashi appeared holding his guitar.

“Thank you all for coming today! Let’s sing, Budokan!”

He first called out to the fans and kicked off with the first song ‘Bowling’. ‘Hi wa mata noboru’ and ‘Kodomo no uta’ continued as adding more heat to the Nippon Budokan.

“Good evening! Thank you for coming to my first Budokan concert! I’ve been performing with a concept ‘break the silence’ along with my album since live house events in May through hall tour starting July. I am here to prove we can all break the silence, so let’s get the ball rolling, Budokan!”

People sang with hands up and down and clapping here and there. ‘HITO-TO-HITO’, ‘Hana no yoni’, ‘Semi’ were performed non-stop. He switched to acoustic guitar to play ‘Honto no kimochi’.

“This is a song I wrote wondering about strength you need to live your life. I’ve played throughout the tour looking at everyones faces and realized, the strength I was looking for is about being able to be kind or make someone laugh. You know ‘kindness’”. He sentimentally spoke and started playing ‘CANDY’. Another song ‘Shonen de are’ continued with a piano and his vocal alone. As the lyrics of the song were projected on stage, the audience even stopped singing together and focused on listening to the song attentively, to hear Yu’s voice of his heart and soul.

The song, which originally motivated him to come up with a concept of breaking the silence, ‘(Where’s) THE SILENT MAJORITY?’ literally broke the silence at the venue, but in unity by the audience big chorus. More songs continued ‘Nagugo wa inega’ and ‘Genjitsu toiu na no Kaibutsu to tatakau monotachi’. As the excitement level of the fans reached almost at its peak, all sound paused once, then ‘Subarashiki Nichijo e’ started.

“Here I am. I felt we were connected many times. As one human being named Yu Takahashi, I hope to treasure this connection no matter what.” and the last song for the main stage started – “Onaji Sora no shita”. Faces of the audience were projected on a monitor screen on stage showing every smile.

“Sound just like everyone’s voice comes falling from the sky!” said Yu to kick off the encore session with a song premier which is an opening of a film called “Tokyo Nanmin” from February 2014 – ‘Tabibito’. The song was written by a concept that everyone lives in their life journeys. Yu Takahashi used his newly added guitar, an orange Gretch, for his premier performance for ‘Tabibito’. The sound was indeed beautiful adding more shines to the new song.

“I’m overwhelmed. It’s my sincere wish that you all have life full of hope and lots of laughters.” Takahashi emotionally spoke and performed the last song for the encore, ‘Fukuwarai’. “There are lots happening in life. But we are not alone. I look forward to seeing you again! At times I wasn’t sure, but now I will not forget this very day because of you all! Thank you so very much”. The fans cheered and continued singing along with a background sound from ‘(Where’s) THE SILENT MAJORITY?’

Voices requesting another encore never stopped even after the venue lights were turned on. Takahashi thankfully appeared again saying, “Budokan is one important milestone, and I’m reminded how important it is to remember my original intention!”. He performed ‘Rakuda’ on his acoustic guitar. 9000 people in the audience cheered in wild excitement, literally breaking the silence. The concert itself was evidently a proof of Yu Takahashi’s ‘BREAK THE SILENCE’ theme in live action.

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