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Rei Yasuda Reveals Music Video For “Let It Snow”

The music video (Short version) for Rei Yasuda’s new song “Let It Snow” has been released for the first time on YouTube.

Rei Yasuda “Let It Snow” Music Video & Pictures

The preview video for the song, which was released on November 11th, had accumulated approximately 100,000 plays within 2 weeks after its release.

The video was created through a compilation of videos and pictures that were taken with a Smartphone and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. The concept of the video was “memories of daily life”. The version of the music video released this time includes these pictures and videos along with new scenes that were shot in a studio.

Although at first sight, the photographs that fall from the sky like snow in the video looks like a composite, they are indeed all real. By using a program based on rigorous calculations, projections on the numerous screens placed in the studio create the modern gimmicky effect.

It is as if the accumulated memories of daily life stored on a Smartphone come to life to create this mysterious effect of the music video.

Yasuda’s “Let It Snow” will be released exclusively as digital distribution on December 4th (Wed). The full version of the video will also be released on the same day. The ChakuUta® version is already available so check that out.

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