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[Live Report]KANA-BOON “Boku ga Stage ni Tattara” Final

KANA-BOON held their series of one-man shows “Boku ga Stage ni Tattara” in Tokyo and Osaka to celebrate the release of their full album “DOPPEL”. Keep reading for our full report on the final performance in Osaka on November 15.

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Vocalist and guitarist Maguro Taniguchi responded to the “Welcome back!” shouts from the floor with a big smile and an “I'm home”! Of course, this was a common thing for this venue, Shinsaibashi BIG CAT in Osaka. KANA-BOON were a local band, originally from Sakaishi, and so the warm enthusiasm of the crowd on the floor for one of their own could be strongly felt. However, that aside, it could also be supposed that this was a show the fans had been looking forward to for a long time, considering that tickets for the show had sold out the instant they went on sale.

No, but the warm feelings toward KANA-BOON were not only because the local fans were welcoming them home; the tickets for their other show following their major debut in September at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO in Tokyo also sold out in much the same fashion as that day's show at BIG CAT. KANA-BOON had become a band which could excite all audiences, not just those on their home turf.

The band was delighted that evening to see a packed house, thanks to the selling out of their tickets, and Taniguchi took every opportunity to thank them from the BIG CAT stage. However, even from the uninvested gaze of an outsider, it was within reason to suppose that it was a sold out show; for example, when they played the same venue a month before on October 13, those who went were still viewing KANA-BOON in the middle of a packed house. Those who were in attendance this day, however, could have been looking to see KANA-BOON in a different way as their previous show was part of the large event “MINAMI WHEEL 2013” which featured over 400 artists playing the major venues of the Osaka Minami area over three days, of which BIG CAT is one.

Even more impressive was their show at the “ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2013” which took place August 4 in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, where their performance at the WING TENT had to be restricted to its maximum 3000-person capacity. Even so, there were still fans gathering outside of the stage area since it was an outdoor show; and if we were to include those people who stayed close just to enjoy the music, perhaps the capacity would have been registered at closer to 5000.
Naturally, we are certain that the kind of warm reception their fans afford them has also reached the band themselves, and they must feel that they too have reached the next stage in their popularity. So, perhaps even the band had already supposed that these November performances at QUATTRO and BIG CAT would sell out, as well. Here, also, the venue was packed to its maximum capacity of 850.

However, KANA-BOON is calm and collected. With the positive signs of their success all around them, and new fans certainly in the mix, even if everyone is showing their spirit, certainly it must be good enough just to join in the fun. But, this is Osaka, their home. This is a place where all kinds of fashionable, young bands are showing how successful they can be all the time. Nevertheless, KANA-BOON played coolly, courteously giving deference to every single note. Taniguchi enunciated every single word. From “Clone” to “Shoushahisshuri no Ri, Okotowari” to “Nai Mono Nedari”, this is a band with many compulsively quick rock 'n' roll dance numbers. Due to their catchy melodies, their music is very accessible even to those who do not own the band's CDs, which is but one reason they have been such a popular and influential band at events and festivals. But, KANA-BOON themselves do not give energetic performances as a rule. Why is that? According to the band, they wish to accurately communicate what it is they do to others.

KANA-BOON is constantly asking the question of how they should perform as so to reach the all-important “you” who the band places communication with at its highest priority. But, none of their songs have that “communication is important” theme arrogantly pressed upon their listeners, either. Certainly, the band's arrogance can be seen in that they are certainly not negligent in what it is they do as a result. But, because we, too, calmly accept what they are giving us in their gentle songs that warm our hearts, they have been able to become a band which can sell out venues like BIG CAT and use that stance to communicate their message. Taniguchi simply mentioned at the start of the show that it wouldn't matter if she smiled, boasting, after all, that they'll be playing Osaka-jo Hall. One wonders if they'll make it to this dream, playing their hometown arena with a capacity of 10,000; but no one knows for sure. For now, though, that's why KANA-BOON performs so seriously. That's why they say “Thank you” politely to those who come to see them. A rock band can do nothing else but this, over and over again.
Also, the band's next project will be their first nationwide tour, set to begin in May next year, with the final to take place at another hometown venue, Nanba Hatch, on June 21. Nanba Hatch has a capacity of 1500; already, KANA-BOON is showing that they will not be shaken as they continue to climb the ladder to success, one step at a time.

Composition & Text◎Satoru Shimada
Photography◎Bon Taura

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