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[Interview]LUNA SEA's SUGIZO speaks about 'A WILL' which 'contains the love and gratitude that was fully realized precisely because we have had a 25 year long history'

It’s quite fitting of LUNA SEA to call our finally released new album in 13 years, “a will and testament”

――Could you please tell me the significance behind the naming of the album “A WILL”?

SUGIZO: “WILL” just by itself is a word in future tense, expressing intent to do something; however the words “A WILL” mean “a testament” or “last request”.
It also has the nuance of pointing toward the future, and although it has a positive meaning, it also means that things are at a place where everything could come to an end and there would be no regrets.

――Does that mean that it would be okay for LUNA SEA to come to an end?

SUGIZO:Personally, I feel that way. Right now, I feel it would be okay for everything to come to an end, for LUNA SEA to disappear from this world. We put all our heart and soul into all of our pieces, and now that I think about it, it’s quite fitting of LUNA SEA to call our finally released new album in 13 years, “a will and testament”. We put that much of ourselves into it.

――I thought it was spectacular how the music had a sense of expansion as it was being performed, as well as the vibe and scale of the music working together all the while holding a characteristic sense of each member’s input. I also think the fact that each member established themselves with their own solo is not irrelevant, but what do you yourself, as SUGIZO feel when you hear the current LUNA SEA sound?

SUGIZO: I think that LUNA SEA is a collection of unique players. What’s great about them is that these performers have a grasp on their relationship with the other members as well as each member’s importance, and on top of that they can still express their own unique characteristics. Especially in a rock band where collaboration is a key, it’s important to be able to bring out a sound that is characteristic of that vision. That is the most prominent characteristic of our members right now. Everyone works to get into the same groove, and asserts who they are in a perfect balance of back and forth. To be honest, solo players are quite difficult to deal with, but everyone here was raised in the world of rock bands, which is why they are able to do what they do.

――Would you say it’s because everyone had culminated a long solo career on top of the foundation of the band that the group was able to reach its current frontier?

SUGIZO:Yes. It’s something like a selfless frontier; we don’t think about it too much.

――What do you think of the band ensemble?

SUGIZO:As for that, well, if we play our sound naturally, this is what comes out. What I paid particular attention to was bringing out a realness in the sound in terms of each beat and breath, more than in any other works in the past.

――I was able to feel what seemed almost like an aroma coming out from the sound, like a shade of color or a positive energy-like feeling.

SUGIZO:That might be because we felt it was important to make the music so alive that you could practically hear our breathing or smell our bodies. I think that’s one of the elements of getting cheered up by listening to music.

Precisely because we live in our current world that it’s necessary for rock music to be the thing that brings light to it .

――The album is a grand piece of work, and starts out with a song that almost wraps you in light, “Anthem of Light”; did the members discuss what kind of message they wanted to convey through this song?

SUGIZO:It’s not like we sat down and had a discussion over it, however, it strongly reflects an air of the times on its own. These are wild times, but there’s no reason to release negative energy just because of that; we made this song with the thought that it’s precisely because we live in our current world that it’s necessary for rock music to be the thing that brings light to it. Even without negative expressions and bad words the world is negative enough as it is.

――I see, so that’s why you started with a powerful song that held a bright light. In some of the lyrics that RYUICHI wrote for this album, words like “moon”, “angel” and “wings” appear. I’m sure that while keeping close to the LUNA SEA image, there is also a message that is included with those lyrics, something that’s not a representation of reality.

SUGIZO:Rather, I think it would be more appropriate to say that it’s avoiding a realistic representation. For example, there’s no need for LUNA SEA to emit a political message like Rage Against the Machine. Personally, I really love that band, but part of the reason I felt that way was because it was the 90’s, and to be honest I wonder if it’s really necessary to send that kind of message now. When it comes down to it, we want to create a sound that will stimulate our imagination.

――Could you say that sentiment is LUNA SEA stance?

SUGIZO:Maybe, that could be it. I guess you could call it music that gives inspiration by widening the imagination, and therefore acts as a catalyst for realistic feedback. That’s why I think it’s not necessary to sing with a direct message.

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