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[EVENT REPORT]MUCC Performs for On-Street Free Live in Osaka, 3000 Fans Gather

MUCC held a free street live show at Amerikamura Sankaku park in Shinsaibashi, Osaka on December 1.

MUCC Photo

The detail of the free on-street live was announced at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on November 27. Regardless of the last minute announcement, lots of fans gathered at the Sankaku park early in the morning. When the clock hit 1:30 pm opening for the show, the outdoor monitor displaed ‘69’ numbers and the countdown started. Screens moved to the sides slowly, sound effect with the tunes from ‘Homurauta’ was echoing with the fans clap, and finally appeared MUCC.

Yellow screams covered the street, almost muting the band sound as the intro of ‘World’s End’ kicked off. The band continued playing ‘G.G’. Vocalist of MUCC, Tatsuro broke in to speak.

‘Not much time though, enjoy!’

Sunday in the Sankaku park was gaining more heat as the sound of ‘Nirvana’ was rocking everywhere. The powerful on-street stage made a town look like it was a live house packed with feverish fans.

‘Last one! let’s have fun!’ fueled Miya, and started ‘Ranchu’. The song is one of the standard routine numbers where fans sit down at about a middle of the song and they jump up when the band gives count 4. Of course, the on-street location didn’t bother 3000 fans in the audience to have fun like they would normally.

However, so much fun was had that the police was on the alert this afternoon. They ended up giving the crowd a warning and the band took caution seriously and decided to discontinue the performance of the song half way, and the entire on-street live show.

As it had been announced during the street live show, MUCC is scheduled to have a tour finale for <MUCC 2DAYS CIRCUIT 2013 FINAL “Hypnos vs Thanatos Z –Kami to Kami Doon Σ(゜Д゜)-“> here in Osaka. Despite the discontinued street performance, fans in Osaka now shift their focus for ORIX THEATER concert on December 22nd coming up.

Tickets for the tour finale starts from December 7 (sat), 2013. Advance ticket sales are also available through ticket agencies. The on-street performance is scheduled to broadcast on the air sometime between 12 midnight and 4 am on FM802’s ‘REDNIQA’ show.

Photo◎Yoshikazu Inoue

Ticket Detail & Purchase
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