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[Interview] LUNA SEA: J talks about the miraculous ensemble. “We are able to start our new story because of all of our fans. We are looking forward to it.”

“Maybe the band had to explode into oblivion once for us to continue.” J looked back at the band’s break up and gave us his thoughts on the new album, “A WILL”. The will to keep standing as a rock band even as times change… This album starts a new chapter for us and that is a happy fact. I want everybody to enjoy this miraculous ensemble.

I was thinking that we had to make an album that said “LUNA SEA is here”

―――“A WILL” turned out to be a dense album full of will and hope for the future.

J: Yes, I think it is a really dense record. We spent years and years putting our all into each song. When we got the mastered tracks back from England, the sound was bigger and richer than I ever expected. I felt our presence through the sound, and it surprised me.

―――What did you feel like you wanted to convey through the band, before making the record?

J: I think that LUNA SEA is a very unique band. I don’t know of any other band that has so many distinct characters and playing styles in one band. This time, I felt like I wanted to make an album that shows where LUNA SEA is at now. There are so many things that are instant now. The way we make music, and the way we listen to music are like that.

―――For example, people don’t listen to whole albums like they used to?

J: Yes, yes. I wonder how many people actually try to figure out the meaning of the lyrics. How many people listen to the sound of the individual instruments? How many people are feeling what the band is feeling? I think it’s that kind of era now. It’s important that we do what we do with dignity. We could have done something unusual if we put our skill and expressiveness into it. But in a way, I wanted to remain LUNA SEA.

Create that passion that the music of this generation has lost. I wanted to attain that.

―――This is your first album in a while. You didn’t try to so something new and special along with the times?

J: I thought the most important thing for us to do in these times was to say, “We are a rock band”, and put our foot down. This time, we started the songwriting process by living together. Even that concept is very “analog” isn’t it? Now days, you can just record a demo and send the digital data off to somebody else. We consciously chose to take a more primitive approach to the songwriting process. We had things we wanted to revive as LUNA SEA. We are a band that works off of communicating what works and what doesn’t work. We like to have parts that are slightly off as well, and we had to start by getting together in person. For example, the rhythm section happens when a bass fits in the pocket with the drummer, right? Guitars and vocals are the same. A band is like that.

―――It comes from a lot of back and forth.

J: Yes, yes. That is the band sound. To be able to do this at the maximum level is, what being in a band is all about! So we went against what happens now and lived to together and wrote songs together. We rearranged the songs over and over. Doing this helps rebuild the fire that is dying in modern music. I’ve always wanted to achieve that. In this way, I think the album ended up a very “band―――like” album.

―――It feels like it is a fusion of the spontaneity of when LUNA SEA first started and the dynamic maturity of what LUNA SEA is now. Even though you have matured, the passion is still there.

J: “A WILL” is the culmination of testing ourselves to the max. LUNA SEA broke up once, so in a way, we’re back at zero, aren’t we? Since we’ve quit once, we could reset what we have done and look at what we want to do clearly. That may be why the band members were all so calm and collected. It wasn’t like “Let’s do it! Let’s do it! That’s great.” We felt like we had to prove something, so we took time and effort to complete each song. The album is jam packed with our emotions.

Interview (part 2)

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