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New Song by NICO Touches the Walls to be Image Song for “Genome Hazard” Film

"Pandora," a new song by NICO Touches the Walls, will be the image song for the film "Genome Hazard: aru tensai kagakusha no itsukakan." "Pandora" will also be added as an extra track to the band's best album "NICO Touches the Walls Best," which will be released on February 5.

"Genome Hazard" movie trailer

The film "Genome Hazard: aru tensai kagakusha no itsukakan" is based off the novel "Genome Hazard" by Shiro Tsukasaki. The film adaptation is directed by Korean director Kim Sung Su and stars Hidetoshi Nishijima, is showing a new side of himself with many action scenes. In addition to Kim Hyo Jin and Yoko Maki, the film is solidified by a truly talented cast. This action/suspense film is about a brilliant scientist whose memories have been overwritten and the five day journey he makes in search of the truth about who has taken his memories and why.

The song "Pandora" was inspired by the film. It includes lines that allude to the main idea if the film - that of overwritten memories. Leading actor Nishijima praised NICO Touches the Walls, saying, "I think the song fits perfectly with the sadness and emotions of the characters portrayed in the movie."

The song "Pandora" will be featured in television clips and online trailers for the film, so keep an eye out.


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