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[Interview] Eir Aoi’s feelings about her album, “AUBE” (Part 1 of 2)

Eir Aoi just released her new album, “AUBE,” on January 29. With her new album, she seems to say, “I want you to know more about a different side of Eir Aoi”. It is packed full of a variety of new songs with new approaches.

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We asked Eir Aoi about the concept behind the “AUBE” album and her <”AUBE” TOUR 2014> that starts in March.

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――I listened to “AUBE” all the way through and noticed that you often use words that remind me of the course of the day, like “sunrise” and “sunny”. Did you have a concept of “ flow of a day” before you started making the record?

Aoi: I struggled with the concept at first. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make a sequel to my first album, “BLAU”, or show a new side of myself by doing a lot of different types of songs. In 2013, I challenged myself to many new things, so I decided that I wanted people to a new side of me. That’s why I selected a variety of different songs.

I started to think about words that evoke the flow of a day while I was selecting the songs. I wanted to make an album that would move people at any time of the day. I have a larger theme of “singing light”, so I wanted the flow to start at dawn and end at dawn. I wanted people to be able to repeat this cycle when listening to the album.

――I see. So the track order of “Sambica” as track 2 and “A New Day” at the very end, was that already determined? “Sambica” is being played on Niconico channel’s “Kill la Kill” isn’t it?

Aoi: I am so grateful to be a part of such a beautiful project, and to have been involved with such a fun anime with so much punch. I’d like to do a cosplay of Ryuko (“Kill la Kill” lead character) one day. Right now, I’d be a bit embarrassed (laughs).

――I thought the 12th song, “Daydream”, was very expressive with its noon motif.

Aoi: Thank you very much. I have never tried to do a song as happy as “Daydream” before. I feel like I discovered a new side of myself. It is really a happy pop tune, and the lyrics are “going to meet the light”. I think the natural tone of my voice is melancholic, but I sang in a very happy tone for “Daydream”. They directed me to, “Sing as if you are skipping.”

――Your songs seemed to take on a serious tone when using the rain motif. This time it’s totally different.

Aoi: It’s a song that can even make rain into a positive thing. I wonder what kind of change I can bring when I sing it live. I usually give a “Let’s do it!” type of push at my concerts, but I am curious as to how things will go with “Daydream”. These little things make me look forward to the tour.

――Tell us why you chose the 13th song, “KASUMI”, as the lead off song for “AUBE”.

Aoi: “KASUMI” has a very catchy melody line, and I thought that it could represent Eir Aoi the best. I always sang songs where I felt like was battling with something. “KASUMI” evokes the loneliness of when you are with somebody. It’s that feeling of being alone when you are with somebody. It’s about losing your identity when you try to match yours to somebody else’s. It’s about the wall between two people and a relationship fading away. That’s why the title of the song is “KASUMI” (fade).

As with every song, I ask the writer what kind of song it is. “KASUMI” is about a woman, so I made the title in the English alphabet, like a name. I also appeared in a music video with a band for the first time. We filmed in an abandoned studio. Actually, my bassist friend from Hokkaido appeared in it as a cameo. We did some cool things during the filming.

Continued in [Interview] Eir Aoi’s feelings about her album, “AUBE” (Part 2 of 2)

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