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[Interview] Eir Aoi’s feelings about her album, “AUBE” (Part 2 of 2)

Eir Aoi just released her new album, “AUBE,” on January 29. With her new album, she seems to say, “I want you to know more about a different side of Eir Aoi”. It is packed full of a variety of new songs with new approaches.

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We asked Eir Aoi about the concept behind the “AUBE” album and her <”AUBE” TOUR 2014> that starts in March.

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――“KASUMI” is not an anime song. Do you take a different mental attitude when you approach an anime song?

Aoi: Making a song enjoyable to the listener comes first and foremost. I approach songs pretty much the same way no matter what the song is for. It’s about how effectively the lyrics come across. Even if the song is meant for an anime, I try not to cater it towards anime so much that my identity is lost. I think it is very important to keep my essence in the song, so I am always aware of what it is that I want to convey. When I write lyrics, I start with feelings first. I try to remember a time that I felt a certain feeling.

――I see. So, on to the 13th track, “A New Day”… You co-wrote the lyrics to “A New Day”. This song is a bit more tranquil.

Aoi: It is truly a song about the dawn. It’s the closet in meaning to “AUBE (dawn)”. The title is not “New Day”, but “A New Day”. The reason that I was so adamant about including the “A” was because I thought it makes the song about “one particular day” rather than just about any day. I usually like one-word titles, but “A New Day” is an exception.

The song is very simple with only acoustic guitar and vocals. It had been a while since I got this nervous during recording. Outros and intros are usually not recorded, but because the song is so subtle and simple, the space and atmosphere of the song drastically changed when the microphone or headphones were cut off. So they recorded me being silent during the outro and intro. I am there, so please listen all the way to the end.

――Thank you very much. I’d like to ask you about the “KUROIUTA” music video. I watched the short version of the video in hopes to see you in a red paint scene, but the video ends just before it!

Aoi: That’s right. You can’t see it in the short version. I want you all to see the full version as soon as possible. When I saw the short version, even I said to myself, “It ends here?!” (laughs). This was my dream video I’ve wanted to do since 2011. Getting paint dumped on my head was the first job I did since my birthday (laughs).

――Musically, your whispered voice was very fresh.

Aoi: I was able to try a lot of new things in 2013. I think I tried a lot of new things with the tone of my voice as well. I’d like you all to see the dark Eir.

――What kind of set list are you thinking of for <”AUBE” TOUR 2014> that kicks off in March?

Aoi: Hmm, I am thinking a lot about song selection. I want to do a lot more songs, but “one-man lives” (concert with no opening act) usually have a set number of songs. I’d like to do more… but I am conflicted.

――Well, you do sing in that high tone until the end.

Aoi: I am confident with the strength of my voice, so my concentration is what I worry about. I put my all into the concerts, so I am pretty silent at the after parties. There is a good 30 minutes where the band is drinking beers, and I am in my own world and not drinking (laughs).

――The “Eir Taxi” wrapping taxis have starting running again.

Aoi. I’m very grateful. It’s the second time. Last time, it was the INNOCENCE taxi. That time, it was Choei Taxi Company who made them as well. They would park Eir taxis at tour venues and snow festival venues that I would be performing at. I haven’t seen the actually taxi this time around, but I hope to seem them on tour. I’d like for people in the Kanto region to experience them, but they are limited to Hokkaido. So please come out to Hokkaido.

――In final, please give us a comment for BARKS users.

Aoi: This new album, and the album cover are feminine, and I tried many new things on it. There are many different kinds of songs on the album, and the first edition releases will include six music videos. It will be a big release with a lot of content, so I think you will enjoy it. I will also go on tour to support “AUBE”, so lets share some fun times together. I am going to do my best to show everybody a fun time, and to show people that music is fun.

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