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Mai Kuraki: Symphonic concert DVD, beautiful presencse and visuals

Mai Kuraki’s symphonic concert, <Mai Kuraki Symphonic Live –Opus 2-> will be released as a DVD. The concert, which she played along with the TSUNAMI Violin, took place on September 22 and 23 of 2013 at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. It was a special concert full of must-see sights and sounds. Kuraki talked for the first time about approaching her 15th year since her debut. The DVD will allow one to fully experience the flow of the concert from beginning to end.

Mai Kuraki enlarged image

The passionate orchestra sounds of “CARMEN” opened the concert. Kuraki appeared on stage in a fiery long red dress that fully captured her essence as a singer. The atmosphere intensified with the first song, “Revive”. <Mai Kuraki Symphonic Live –Opus 2-> opened to a classic and symphonic experience, helped largely by the gorgeous venue itself.

The stage production was something to behold as much as the sound created by the grand orchestra and beautiful vocals. As Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s world-class pipe organ slowly shifted from Renaissance/Baroque music to modern music, the visuals showed ivy slowly growing into the form of the pipe organ. An image of a jumping rabbit was also projected onto the pipe organ. The constantly changing visuals helped heighten the drama of the performance.

Tsunami Violin was featured with Kuraki on “ANATAGA IRUKARA”, a charity song that was made after the East Japan Earthquake. Tsunami Violin is an instrument that was made from driftwood from the East Japan Earthquake and has been played by many famous violinists. Its sound post, which is said to be the soul of the violin, was taken for a miraculous, solitary pine. Up and coming violinist, Mei, played Tsunami Violin as it’s 187th performer.

“Mai Kuraki is now 15, and I feel like I can feel my hopes and dreams through my music… I want to deliver these songs with all my heart.”

Kuraki said these words during her encore. It was the first time she talked about the 15 years since her debut. This symphonic concert, which was a collaboration with Ikurou Fujiwara, tore down people’s image of Fujiwara and of classical music, but in a positive way. This <Mai Kuraki Symphonic Live –Opus 2-> DVD is overflowing with Mai Kuraki’s soul and emotion.

Kuraki will do the theme song to “Kiki’s Delivery Service” which is set for release on March 1. She will attend the movie preview event at Shinjuku Wald9 on February 20.

Mai Kuraki official site

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