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[Interview] Kanon Wakeshima on the Dubai landscape from the “Signal” music video and the laws of gravity

Kanon Wakeshima will release her new single, “Signal”, on February 19. The song, for which the video for “Signal” was shot in Dubai, is the new ending theme song for TV anime, “STRIKE THE BLOOD”. BARKS asked Wakeshima about “Signal” and the coupled song as well as about incidents on the set of the Dubai video shoot.

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■About the title song, “Signal”

――Your new single, “Signal” will be released on February 19. What were thinking about when you recorded this single?

Wakeshima: As far as the lyrics go, I incessantly expressing my feelings and emotions. That is what led me to choose the title, “Signal”. This song is used as the ending theme to the TV anime, “STRIKE THE BLOOD”, so I wanted it to link to the show lyrically. I conveyed the feeling of friends working together towards their goals and dreams.

――“Signal” is something that continues on?

Wakeshima: Yes. If you translate it literally, it means something like traffic light. But I wanted to convey the image of incessantly expressing your feelings, and throwing your thoughts at another person.

――I’d like to ask you about the “Signal” video shoot in Dubai. Where in Dubai did you shoot?

Wakeshima: There was some desert area in the outskirts of the city. If you drive for about an hour, there are absolutely no buildings or traces of the city to be found. You could only see one long road, open fields, and desert. It was a sight that could not be seen in Japan.

――There is a beautiful ocean in the photos.

Wakeshima: We also went to the ocean. Apparently, it’s a famous beach, and we shot there just before the sunset. It was such a beautiful ocean.

――I see. But why did you choose to shoot in Dubai?

Wakeshima: I was surprised too. “STRIKE THE BLOOD” is set on an island in Tokyo. The buildings are a bit futuristic and the atmosphere felt a bit like Dubai. That’s how we settled on Dubai. I thought we were going to shoot on the building-lined street and got excited. Then when we got thereI thought, “the desert?” They were able to shoot a gorgeous video though (laughs).

――The end result looks a bit distant from civilization.

Wakeshima: It’s a bit different from the anime, but I feel that it visually communicates the lyrics very well.

――Did you get to go the building-lined street?

Wakeshima: I didn’t have much to do any tourist things, just a little bit at night. There were a few big shopping malls, and we went to the famous aquarium inside one of them.


Wakeshima: Yes. Whenever I go overseas, I like to visit famous aquariums. It’s kind of a hobby… I’ve been to a lot. Canada, France, Seattle… Since Dubai has a famous one, I had to go. It’s very long… how should I say? Like a super millionaire (laughs). The aquarium was nearly 100 meters long.

――What?! That big?!

Wakeshima: And the glass (acrylic panels) were Japanese made. They say that normal panels fog up. Also, they had to be thick because it’s so long.

――I’m sure it has to be thick enough to withstand the water pressure.

Wakeshima: It’s just so long. They can uphold the transparency of the acrylic just by wiping it. But Japan is the only country that has that technology, so a Japanese company made it. I saw it on TV when I got home and thought, “Hey! That’s where I went”.

■About the coupled song, “MUJUROKU”

――We talked a bit about “Signal”. Can you tell us about the coupled song, “MUJURYOKU”?

Wakeshima: I’ve been performing this song live for a while now, and we finally got to record it. I personally think about the “Laws of Gravity” with this song.

――What do you mean?

Wakeshima: When I am down and out or have experienced bad things, I feel like I am floating and my feet aren’t touch the ground. I thought about what I could compare that feeling to. There is something called freefall. When you are falling with only the gravity of the earth but centrifugal force prevents you from falling, you become weightless. I thought this concept was similar to your feelings falling but your feet floating. Like you are continuing to fall but centripetal force causes you to drift.

――That's a very unusual concept.

Wakeshima: It is (laughs). I thought that floating feeling felt like weightlessness, so I refer to it as zero gravity. Those times are when people close to you bring you back. I think that is what gravity is for me.

――I see. Did you think about the faces of those people close to you when making this song?

Wakeshima: Yes. But I also imagined my fans, the people who supported me, people who I will meet through my music, and the whole world.

-Thank you very much. Finally, can you say a few words to BARKS readers?

Wakeshima: My new single, “Signal”, will be released on February 19. It’s the ending theme song to the TV anime “STRIKE THE BLOOD”. The video, which we shot in Dubai, is included in the limited edition single, so please watch it.

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