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MISIA Transcends the World of J-pop at Anniversary Performance

Starting in February, MISIA is holding her largest tour ever, "Hoshizora no Live VII," which consists of seventy shows total. Her February performance at Yokohama Arena will also be broadcast live.

MISIA "Hoshizora no Live VII" Enlarged Image

"Hoshizora no Live" is a series of performances that began in 2001 as fan club only acoustic shows. Though it began as a "one night only" performance, it has grown in popularity and has been performed all over Japan and overseas as well. It has become difficult to obtain tickets for these shows, in which the acoustic sound melds exquisitely with MISIA's vocals.

We would like to bring you a report of MISIA's performance of this show from January 19.

It was the last performance or MISIA's anniversary tour that had continued from 2013. It was also the second performance of the tour "MISIA Hoshizora no Live VII -15th Celebration- Hoshizora Symphony Orchestra." Her February 16 performance at Yokohama Arena will be broadcast live on WOWOW.

The forty-three person string orchestra led by Takayuki Hattori was spectacular. The arrangement brought out the best of MISIA's voice, allowing her to relax and unleash a carefree side of herself. Attuned to this thrilling feeling, the audience cheered and clapped. A performance is, of course, created by combining the strength of the artist and the audience, but it is rare for there to be such a great sense of communication between the two parties. The fact that MISIA can so easily create this feeling shows that even after reaching her fifteenth anniversary as an artist, she continues to grow.

Another highlight of the performance was the harmony between MISIA and the "Hoshizora Sisters," a female chorus made up of Hanah Spring, Kaori Sawada, and Lyn. The background piano and the a cappella singing by the four women bestowed warmth and brilliance to the message of the songs. It was impossible to miss the way that the audience's expressions brightened as Nippon Budokan changed into a large "gospel venue," brining forth energy and strength from the bottom of everyone's hearts.

MISIA did an MC about drummer Jun Aoyama, who performed with her since her debut. Aoyama passed away in December of last year, and it was emotional when MISIA sang "Wasurenai Hibi" as though it were dedicated to him. Aoyama was a gifted musician whose rhythm gave foundation to artists such as Tatsuro Yamashita and gave the best J-pop groove to MISIA, something that was also conveyed through her new song that she performed for the first time, "Boku wa Pegasus Kimi was Polaris."

MISIA's feelings of gratitude toward her fans were evident in this wonderful performance. Her pure spirit has not stopped evolving even as she reaches her fifteenth anniversary.

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