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BiS’ Own Internet TV Show Confirmed

BiS, the scandalous, maverick idol group who had nude pictures in “Weekly Playboy Vol.6”, which was released on January 27, has been confirmed to start their own TV program.

BiS Artist Pictures

With the group’s breakup looming later this year, BiS’ probable first and last TV program, “BiS no Kaisango wo Kangaeru TV”, will begin airing on the Internet video website, “Teleasa Douga” starting February 13.

The aforementioned program’s idea first came up when TV Asahi’s staff found out that BiS would be breaking up in 2014, and thought, “Could the members of BiS all individually survive in society after the breakup? We want them to learn how to live as individuals”.

The program will contain various special training projects that (questionably) aim to strengthen the members in all aspects of life: a mind-strengthening program for the weak-minded members, a sexiness-enhancing training program and more. It is a documentary-style variety program that aims to help the members think seriously about their lives after BiS and to find their true potentials. In order to elicit authentic reactions, the members will not be given any scripts before the shootings.

In commemoration of the show’s premier, the program will be available for free viewing for two weeks beginning February 13.

Teleasa Douga “BiS no Kaisango wo Kangaeru TV” Website

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