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UVERworld Releases New Video Clip Collection

UVERworld has announced that they would be releasing their new video clip collection “UVERworld Video Complete –act.2-“ in March.

UVERworld Pictures

The new video clip collection would include all music videos released between the 2010 release, “Qualia”, and the newest single “Nano Second”. Enjoy all the masterful visual works released by UVERworld.

The first press edition would include a photo booklet and 14 live-recorded songs from <UVERworld ARENA LIVE 2013 winter 12.25 at Nippon Budokan Queen’s PARTY>, aka girls’ festival, which took place at Nippon Budokan on December 25, 2013. Furthermore, both the first press edition and the standard edition of the Blu-ray release would include “GOLD (3D ver.)”, making this a near-greatest-hits video release.

UVERworld is currently amidst recording their eight album. Prepare yourself for their upcoming new sound by tracing their footsteps with this video release.

UVERworld Official Website
UVERworld Official Mobile Phone Website LIFEsize

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