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[Interview] ALTIMA “It is an important 2 Cool opening theme, so we wanted to capture the whole feeling and landscape of the anime” (Part 2 of 2)

Provocative raps and high-tone vocals. These two clashing styles come together to form catchy melodies and energetic tracks. It invites you to experience a world that spans space and time. Super unit, “ALTIMA”, who have worked with popular anime such as “Shakugan no Shana III-FINAL-“ and “Accel World”, have announced their first work in a year and a half. Their fourth single, “Fight 4 Real” has a combative sound, just like the title conveys. Their music video, which was shot in Dubai, hits you over the head with ALTIMA’s bottomless power. March will see the release of the group’s first album and their first “one-man” (concert with no opener) concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. MOTSU (ex/m.o.v.e.), SAT (fripSide), and MAON (Maon Kurosaki) are about to start their all-out attack with ALTIMA.

ALTIMA ~enlarged image~

■Dubai’s artificial metropolis seemed very close to Itogami featured in “STRIKE THE BLOOD”
■But looking back on it, MAON’s costume was a bit skimpy. It was a bit dangerous.

――This music video was shot in Dubai. Your first video was shot in Hong Kong, and your second one was shot in Prague. Are overseas video shoots part of the deal with ALTIMA?

SAT: Well… It’s a bit sad if you don’t have dreams.

MOTSU: Yes! It’s like we are representing our fans when we go to these locations. We’re working at 100%. We are shown playing at 100%, but when the camera is not on, all we do is sleep!

MAON: Lately, ALTIMA wants to surprise people. We wear costumes that light up at our concerts, and just the word Dubai gets people excited about what it going to happen. We thought “Fight 4 Real” was dark, but once we got to the desert, it actually seemed to fit the image.

――I was overwhelmed by that desert and those buildings.

MOTSU: What shocked me about Dubai is that the there is desert in between the buildings. It is literally an artificial metropolis that was built in the middle of the desert. It seemed very close to Itogami that featured in “STRIKE THE BLOOD”. Itogami is an artificial island that is floating in the Pacific Ocean.

SAT: The location selection is meant to tie into the song. The album music video (“CYBER CYBER”) is even more extreme.

MOTSU: We shot that in Dubai too. Looking back on it, MAON’s costume was a bit too sexy. It was a kind of dangerous.

MAON: The locations coordinator told us that there was a previous incident that happened because somebody was dressed too sexy. We got nervous when people started gathering and the police came. They had guns and were yelling things in Arabic that we couldn’t understand. It was scary.

MOTSU: Plus, the coordinator told us in broken Japanese, “Run far away!” (laughs)

――It’s like a line that would be in a battle anime (laughs). I’m getting excited about your March album release already.

▲“Fight 4 Real” limited edition

▲“Fight 4 Real” regular edition
SAT: We want to make the album like a jewelry box and put out sounds and colors that we’ve never done before.

MOTSU: We want “Fight 4 Real” to sell well so we can go to a new country again! Previously, SAT wrote on Facebook, “Buying the CD will help support us,” and that is the case. It used to be a bit embarrassing to say these things, but you have to say these things out loud.

SAT: We are able to continue working from our CD sales. You have to explain the importance of the CD to middle school and high school kids these days or they won’t understand.

――Let’s sell them! “NOADRENALINE”, the song coupled with single, is a down tempo dance tune. Kurosaki’s vocals are very mysteriously sexy.

MAON: Thank you very much. I was hoping they’d turn out that way. MOTSU taught me a lot (laughs). Noradrenaline is a substance that your body secretes when you are feeling intense emotions. It is dangerous in excess, but I thought it would nice to have that involved with music.

MOTSU: You actually researched it (laughs). We made this song in a rush last year when we didn’t have enough songs to play at our Holland concert. The title came before the music. It’s as if we made it because I wanted to shout, “NORADRENALINE!” (laughs). Since the raps are quite obscure, we asked MAON to sing very straightforward lyrics. For example, something that has no technique, like “I love you”.

SAT: We put out an EDM type of track that we had never done before with “CYBER CYBER” (the coupled track from the third single, “BURST THE GRAVITY”). It did much better than we had expected. I think MOTSU took that path and developed it even more.

MOTSU: That’s right! When SAT showed the first demo of “CYBER CYBER”, the producer called it a “problem song” and an “accident” (laughs). But when we played it live, the crowd loved it! It was a hardcore techno track that I wrote from my own palette. I have a million of these tracks. Originally, I wanted a mid-tempo 120bpm song.

SAT: It went over well at our concert, and the Dutch audience even headbanged to it.

MAON: ALTIMA fans tend to follow our moves, so I think this song will develop even more from here.

――I’m looking forward to your concert. But aren’t all the venues for the Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka tour a bit too small?

SAT: That would be nice if there was a huge ticket war. But we’re still first graders.

MAON: This is our first “one-man live” (concert with no opening acts).

MOTSU: But we have no problems with our skills, so we want people to see that. It’s like we’re sorry we’re not nurturing, but we want people to experience all of what we have to say.

MAON: I want to go crazy with everybody. It would be nice to dance until we’re all white. ALTIMA now has one surprise at every show, so you never know what’s going to happen. You should look forward to it!

Interview & text Motoko Shimizu

[Interview] ALTIMA “It is an important 2 Cool opening theme, so we wanted to capture the whole feeling and landscape of the anime” (Part 1 of 2)
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