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fhana’s “Kotonoha Breakdown” wanders into the digital world

fhana’s “Kotonoha Breakdown” music video was released.

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“Kotonoha Breakdown” is the first song that fhana made, even before their debut. The song was based on internet events since March 11, 2011. It is about the misunderstanding that comes from not being able to express normal, everyday things. It is about how the power of words don’t reach the intended person, and instead, is incorrectly spread to many people you don’t know. Words get being misinterpreted or lost.

The video revolves around words, letters, and musical scores. Video artist Takahashi Ohashi, who works with music videos and commercials, made good use of CG and animation. Emotion and dynamics were added to the video with addition of characters created by long time Fhana illustrator, Yuzusa.

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