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Shokotan's Music Video Condenses 9,999 Cats into One

Shoko Nakagawa, also known as "Shokotan," has completed for the song "9lives" from her fourth original album of the same name, which will be released on April 2. The music video is available exclusively on the free video site GyaO!

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For this video, cat-lover Shokotan had the strong hope of creating a music video with the best cats in the world, and so she collected photos and videos of cats from fans all over. In a period of about two weeks, from January 27 to February 7, she collected about 25,000 videos and photos total. 9,999 cats total appear in the video for "9lives."

The music video lasts a total of about five minutes and ten seconds and features a photo mosaic in which 9,999 cats appear. During the chorus, many photos and videos appear on the screen before turning into one picture of Shokotan's pet cat Mamitasu, making it a work undeniably filled with cats.

One more highlight of the video is Shokotan in cat makeup. On the day of the shooting, she took black eyeliner and used it to draw cat whiskers on herself. She searched for photos of cat makeup on the internet and seriously turned to the mirror, spending about thirty minutes drawing her cat makeup. Shokotan appears in her cat makeup at the end of the video, making her the ten-thousandth cat to appear.

The jacket photo for the album "9lives" also features a photo of Shokotan with her pet cat Mamitasu, making it an album even more full of cats.

The extras that come with the album when it is purchased at a CD shop have also been decided. The deluxe limited edition of the album comes with a special calendar poster and the first-press limited edition and regular edition come with an announcement poster, distributed at CD shops until supplies run out.

- Shoko Nakagawa music video comment

"It's full of cats and full of love! I've finally finished my music video in which 9,999 cats appear! All the cats are cool, cute, and powerfully alive. Seeing it moves me to tears. My life has been saved many times by the unconditional love of my cats, and so I've fulfilled my desire to create something filled with respect, proof of the lives of cats all over! It's a must-see for cat lovers! Maybe your cat will also appear?"

- Free Video Website GyaO!: Shoko Nakagawa "9lives" Music Video URL

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