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BUCK-TICK New Album and Tour

BUCK-TICK recently announced that they will release a new single entitled "Keijijou Ryuusei" on May 14. They have now announced that they will release their long-awaited new album, "Arui wa Anarchy," on June 4.


The first-press limited edition of the album will include the music video for "Keijijou Ryuusei," and the first-press limited edition A [DELUX EDITION] will be packaged in a special analog LP sized box that is enclosed in the red cloth that appears in the "Keijijou Ryuusei" single jacket as well as BUCK-TICK's new artist photos. The CD is expected to include a total of fourteen tracks, but further details will be announced at a later date.

BUCK-TICK has also announced that they will hold an album tour that consists of twenty-eight performances beginning on June 18 at Olympus Hall Hachioji.

Additionally, the jacket photos for "Keijijou Ryuusei" have been released. It has also been announced that Cube Juice will collaborate on the track "Keijijou Ryuusei," YOW-ROW from GARI will collaborate on the coupling track "Melancholia -ELECTRIA-," and Ken Morioka will collaborate on the coupling track "VICTIMS OF LOVE with Kokusyoku Sumire." Furthermore, a sample of "Keijijou Ryuusei" is available for listening on the special BUCK-TICK 2014 Facebook page. This came to be due to a project stating that BUCK-TICK would share a sample of the song if the single's teaser video got over 200 shares.

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