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Umika Kawashima (9nine) takes her first shot as MC on a new TBS variety show

Umika Kawashima (9nine) will be on the new TBS variety show, “I Am BOKENSHOUNEN”, starting on Wednesday, April 23 at 11:53pm. She will host the show along with Takashi Okamura of NINETY-NINE, and Naoki Tanaka of Cocorico.

The core concept of the show is about three people discovering unusual animals, natural phenomena, and strange food items. The show takes a scientific look at things big and small, and is an intellectually stimulating delight.

This is Kawashima’s first shot at being a variety show MC. She commented, “I’m quite nervous. Variety shows are unknown territory for me, so I want to learn while having a good time. I might have to rely on Mr. Okamura and Mr. Tanaka a lot and be a bit of a burden, but I will try my best like I always do.”

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