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Good Morning America Releases Cover Art for New Single Including “DRAGON BALL KAI” Illustration

Good Morning America has released the jacket photos for their new single "Haikei, Tsuratsusutora," which will be released on May 6.

Good Morning America "Haikei, Tsuratsusutora" jacket photos

The cover art for the first-press types A and B was created by keng kong, who has been responsible for the cover art for the band's previous singles. The art is based on "Zarathustra" and features the snake and eagle that appear in German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's work "Thus Spoke Zarathustra." The artwork for the regular edition of the single is an original illustration of the main characters from "DRAGON BALL KAI," since the single will be the April ending theme for the anime.

Additionally, Good Morning America has announced that they will be holding instore events for the release and they have also announced the special bonuses purchasers of the single will receive. Good Morning America will be holding talk events in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka and a mini-live in Tokyo. They will also be reviving the very popular event they have held for previous releases, in which bassist Tanashin becomes a shop manager of a CD shop for a day. The event will be held at a record thirteen shops.

Those who purchase first-press type-A or type-B of the single will receive a special gift featuring the band, and those who purchase the regular edition will receive a special gift featuring a DRAGON BALL illustration. The type of bonus gift depends on the shop as which it is purchased, and the designs will be announced at a later time.

"DRAGON BALL KAI" began airing on April 6, and at the same time, a "TV-sized" version of "Haikei, Tsuratsusutora" was released digitally. The lyrics to all three songs on the single went up on the lyric website "Uta-net" on the same day.

Good Morning America Official Website

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