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KYO’s (Sukekiyo) music video featuring Chihiro Onitsuka

Chihiro Onitsuka makes a special appearance in a music video for DIR EN GREY’s KYO’s solo project, Sukekiyo.

Sukekiyo, Chihiro Onitsuka image

▲Chihiro Onitsuka
Chihiro Onitsuka appears in the music video for “In All Weathers” off of Sukekiyo’s first album, “IMMORTALIS”, which be released on April 30, 2014. Kyo came up with the draft of the story after “Aftermath”. When asked why he chose Chihiro Onitsuka, Kyo responded, “Her eyes are pretty, and I felt her will through her tattoos.” Onitsuka said about accepting the role, “I am confident in myself, and I thought Kyo was the same”.

In the full version of the video, Kyo and Onitsuka stare at each other and exchange hidden emotions. It is an important piece of work as it is the first time the two have worked together.

The video took two days to shoot. The under water shoot took place during Tokyo’s biggest snowstorm in 45 years. Even the professional underwater cameramen could not stop shivering in the “unusual cold”. The underwater scenes turned out to be mysterious and artistic. A short promo version of the video can be seen on the official site. The full version can only be seen on the “IMMORTALIS” Blu-ray that can be ordered on the Kyo official online store.

sukekiyo 1st album『IMMORTALIS』

sukekiyo official site
Chihiro Onitsuka official site

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