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[Concert Report] INORAN Continues to Move Forward to

The Osaka performance of INORAN's mini-album release tour of "Somewhere," was held at Shinsaibashi BIGCAT on April 4. The Tokyo-Osaka-Naogya tour is entitled "INORAN TOUR 2014 - Somewhere -."

INORAN~enlarged image~

The lights went down and the set entry music began to play, and INORAN appeared suddenly out of the darkness holding a spotlight. He turned the light on the audience while looking around, and then the performance began with a count to four.

The first song was a song from the new mini-album, entitled "A Day Goes On By." Even though the mini-album has just been released, during the chorus, a great sing-along began in the audience. INORAN called out, "Osaka, I wanted to see you!" before moving to the next song, "One Big Blue." When INORAN took a break, the fans seemed to be listening carefully, and shrill calls came from fans all over the venue. During "No Name," INORAN gestured toward the audience as if to say, "Give me more!"

"Today, I want to attack this performance, so I want to burn everyone's voices into my memory. Are you ready to make noise from your stomachs!?" he yelled and then began the forth song, "smoke." During "selfless," the voltage raised even higher as the audience jumped up and down so much that it seemed as though the vibrations would create a sound. INORAN's glamorous, echoing vocals mixed with the complex grunge sound was mystical. As for the next song, "song3," it was a rock number with simple guitar chords. His straightforward vocals and hard guitar cutting created a good feeling. After the excellent song "no options," he performed a new song, "Candy." The distorted sound brought about a feeling of listlessness and a bewitching atmosphere.

INORAN changed to acoustic guitar and the audience suddenly became excited as he performed the instrumental track "HOME." The lively, magnificent rhythm and nostalgic melody of the beautiful song created a spectacle that stuck in everyone's minds. Partway through, INORAN disappeared and the drummer, bassist, and guitarist put on a band section before INORAN returned and playfully said, "You're having more fun without me here!" His next song, "sakura," is the kind of song that touches the heartstrings, causing people to nestle close together. About the song, INORAN said, "At the end of last year, I thought my feelings might overflow, so I wrote a rare, medium-tempo ballad." The audience brought lights along with them, and along with the gentle song, it created a very impressive scene.

"It still isn't enough. Let's attack the second half! Will you come with me?" asked INORAN, and the audience answered with all their strength. When the intro to "Hide and Seek" began, the audience began to clap their hands, and with that vigor INORAN surged into "SuperTramp" and "Nasty." Everyone moved so excitedly that it seemed that they might be crushed during "Get Laid," along with a call and response of "Get Laid!" and "Oh yeah!" INORAN then rushed into the killer tune "grace and glory." With the proclamation of, "My beloved Osaka, this is my last song!" he finished with "REDISCOVER ON ANOTHER," both beginning and ending his performance with a new song.

INORAN has created a relaxed album filled with feeling. As the title of the mini-album suggests, INORAN is moving toward "somewhere" that he still cannot see, so what will he show us next? Our anticipation can only continue to grow. INORAN's April 12 Tokyo performance sold out immediately, so he added another performance on April 13 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. You should definitely take a chance to experience his performances for yourself.

Text: Kyouko Morishita
Photography: Youhei Furuishi

INORAN Official Website

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