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GaGaGa SP will release an anime theme song, “KONCHIKISHOME”

GaGaGa SP’s new single, “KONCHIKUSHOME”, will be released on Wednesday, June 25.

GaGaGa SP image

The opening theme song is for the anime, “Duel Masters VS”, which has been airing since April 2014. The new anime series is about middle school students who take part in a trading card game. The song, which has been creating a buzz, is linked to the main character of the story.

It is the band’s first release since their full album, “KUDAMAKI OTOKO NO AKITARAN SEIKATSU”, in 2013. The bonus DVD included in the first release of the album will contain live footage from the band’s album release tour.

GaGaGa SP official site
“Duel Masters VS” program site

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