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Hiromi Uehara’s “ALIVE”, Raving Reviews from Hiroto Koumoto and Metallica

THE TRIO PROJECT, led by Hiromi Uehara, will release their new album, “ALIVE” on 5/12 (Wed) in Japan.

Hiromi Uehara Photo

The album’s title song, “ALIVE” was broadcast on-air world-wide for the first time on 4/20 (Sun) on J-WAVE 81.3FM “McDonald's TOKIO HOT 100” (On-air 1:00pm-4:54pm/Host: Chris Peppler). Hiromi Uehara herself confirms that “ALIVE” is “THE TRIO PROJECT’s most difficult song to-date”; the song has also received great acclamation from Hiroto Koumoto and Metallica as well.

“Hiromi Uehara and the piano! There’s really a sense of mutual trust there! They really go well with each other! I wonder if they ever fight? This album is so lively it’ll make your cells dance! Congratulations on its completion!” ──Hiroto Koumoto(THE CRO-MAGNONS)

“Now this is what I call music! The music has a “having fun, messing around in the summer-time with a group of wild guys, partying it up” sort of feel! Hiromi, Anthony, and Simon have come even farther from their last goal. I’d really love to see them in a live performance soon. ──Robert Trujillo (Metallica)

Hiromi Uehara Official Site
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